—Gladys Alex


Momma, I Told You To Write

By Gladys Alex

There’s History in Every Picture Frame

This book reflects moments, experiences, and issues in black society. Cataloged in the written word of poetry, it explores character flaws and inspires ambitions from teens to adults.

In a montage of different times and places, this black journey is taken in areas of education and family relations. Poems such as “Curses” and “Freedom Don’t Ring” beat at the soul and unmask imperfections in the black community while celebrating the joys and pains that relate to the black experience. With a boldness in character, they remain triumphant in spirit using life as a trampoline to their awakening in poems like “Done”, “Summary”, and “Fly Swatter After Me.

52 pages, 6" x 9"

ISBN: 978-1-935125-20-4

Published by: Robertson Publishing (RP)


Momma, I told you to write

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The Author:
Gladys Alex

Gladys Alex
graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Art Education. She has devoted eight years to doing what she enjoys most, teaching.

In July 2003, she was nominated as Poet of the Year and inducted into the International Society of Poets.

Gladys lives in Southwest Texas with her husband Anthony and two children, Anthony Jr. and Amber.


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