—Robert L Bray


Heal Traumatic Stress Now
Complete Recovery with Thought Field Therapy
No Open Wounds

by: Dr. Robert L Bray

All you need to know about traumatic stress
and steps to recovery

Complete instructions for using a safe technique to eliminate the overwhelming emotional upset created by many of life's traumas.

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is safe and works when it is applied correctly. There are no negative side effects and you can stop in the middle of a sequence with no ill effects. Neither understanding nor believing in TFT is required for it to work.

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) activates meridian treatment points by having the client tap on the points with their fingertips. The order of tapping provides information to change the coding in the control mechanism that prompts the negative emotions.

304 pages, 6" x 9"
ISBN: 978-1-935125-19-8


Heal Traumatic Stress Now, No Open Wounds

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Dr. Bray’s book leads the reader through the basic steps to help end immediately the suffering from traumatic stress and then guides them towards a complete recovery from their traumatic experience. Thought Field Therapy and the NOW recovery model compliment one another beautifully empowering people to heal themselves.
—Roger Callahan, PhD, Founder/Developer of Thought Field Therapy

As a Senior Marine Corps Chaplain, former Police Officer and Trauma Expert, I found Dr. Bray’s stories throughout this book to be riveting examples of life’s real stressors that often sneak up on us. In this time of turmoil around the world any one of us could easily be called upon to be a First Responder at any time. The healing processes shared in this book gives easy to understand and easy to use tools to help ourselves and others. All will be blessed from the knowledge brought to light within this book.
—Lt. Cmdr. Ronald R. Ringo, Jr. PhD, CTS, MAC, LSW

Robert Bray on YouTube
Robert talks about healing traumatic stress with TFT.

All I can say is, “WOW!!!” You have provided a book from which both the general public can benefit, as well as practitioners who are using Thought Field Therapy! The book includes strategies that people who have been suffering from traumas can use to improve their quality of life.  —Jenny Edwards, Ph.D

Dr. Robert Bray orchestrates his compelling case histories with theoretical and practical information to create a step-by-step guideline for the treatment of trauma. He elaborates on his NOW model utilizing Thought Field Therapy and illustrates it well with his deep personal, crisis, and trauma work experiences.  —Caroline E. Sakai, PhD, Clinical Psychologist

This book is a practical and comprehensive resource for trauma treatment and crisis response specialists, and it is a valuable tool for those seeking effective therapies for their own psychological pain. Anyone involved in pastoral care, crisis intervention, survivor support groups, social work, and mental health treatment can learn important and techniques from it and apply healing strategies that will have immediate and successful life-changing results. A great resource!
—Jayne Crisp, CTS, Former Executive Director Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists

Robert L. Bray

Robert L. Bray

Robert L. Bray is an international speaker, author and trainer with a life long passion for understanding and haling of PTSD and trauma. He is a Certified Trauma Specialist, Past President of the Association of Traumatic Stress Specialist, and Past President of the Association for Thought Field Therapy. He is a former faculty member for San Jose State University School of Social Work and has been in private practice since 1986 specializing in traumatic stress recovery.

To contact Dr. Bray send an e-mail to: rlbray@rlbray.com or call 888.983.8273.

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