— Esther Dickler

From My Window in Paris

by Esther Dickler

“From My Window in Paris” is an inspiring and funny book about the author’s move to Paris—a brave adventure for a single woman traveling alone, with no knowledge of the language!

Esther's story takes place over a period of one year and focuses on her life in transition after the death of her husband— her struggles adapting to the French way of life: plumbing problems in her tiny apartment, hilarious communication issues, the threat of possible spies, her encounters with French men, and "oh my goodness, the pastries!"

Esther’s adaptation to France and the general excitement of day-to-day living in a new culture combines frustration, surprise, tears, and laughter—and culminates in a peak cosmic experience, with a self-realization she never dreamed possible.

"From My Window in Paris" is the sequel to
“Please Leave Me... Don’t”

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From My Window in Paris

145 pages, with 34 pictures
ISBN: 978-0-9801675-9-7

Published by: Robertson Publishing (RP)

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Mercury News

Saratoga writer finds peace in Paris after husband's death
By Brian Babcock ~ Saratoga News
Article Launched: 10/21/2008 04:12:36 PM PDT

Esther Dickler says she has never been the type to sit idly and watch as life passed her by. When she met the man of her dreams, she married him after just six months of courtship.

So when the time came to make a decision about how she would help herself heal after her husband's death in 1980, Dickler dropped everything and moved to Paris for a year. The experiences she had while living in the City of Lights is chronicled in her new book, "From My Window in Paris."...

Dickler says this book wasn't meant to be more lighthearted than the first or the stories completely amusing in how they were told. However, she says, it did end up that way.

Throughout the book, which Dickler says reads much like a novel, the author chronicles her life throughout the year, touching on her problems with a lack of hot water to her difficulties communicating with the locals.

Dickler also comments how different apartments are in Paris compared to the United States... Read More

Writer Dickler can see Paris from her window in Saratoga
By Mary Anne Cook ~ Saratoga News
Article Launched: 10/14/2008 08:12:41 PM PDT

A YEAR IN PARIS: Saratogan Esther Dickler is a registered nurse with a second calling. She's written two autobiographical books, and the second one has just been released. It's called "From My Window in Paris," and it's about the year she spent in Paris, trying to pull her life together again.

She describes that year as a brave adventure for a single woman with no knowledge of the language. Those adventures included plumbing problems in her tiny apartment over a pastry shop, communication problems with hilarious results, a threat of Arab spies and provocative encounters with French men.

Besides all that richness of experience, there was the magnificence of the food — and oh, the pastries. "From My Window in Paris" recounts Dickler's delights and frustrations living in a new culture — a potpourri of surprises, tears and laughter that brought a self-realization she never dreamed possible... Read More

The Author:

Esther Dickler


Esther Dickler is a registered nurse. Her writings have appeared in numerous magazines.

Esther’s first book “Please Leave Me... Don’t” chronicled her experiences dealing with her husband’s terminal illness, taking care of him for eight years.

After his death Esther decided to move to Paris for a year to break out of the doldrums and change her lifestyle. She was successful at both.

She currently lives in Saratoga, California. To contact Esther you can send an email to jofynug@comcast.net.

Esther is also a member of the National League of American Pen Women ~ Santa Clara Branch

National League of American P
The National League of American Pen Women is made up of women
who have demonstrated creative talents in art, letters, and music composition.

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