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Most Guys Are Clueless

What Every Woman Wishes
Her Man Knew!
What Every Man Needs To Know!

by David Gordon

Timeless relationship advice
for both men and women,
gleaned from years of hearing women's frustrations
about how they've been treated!

“I think that EVERYONE should read MOST GUYS ARE CLUELESS... men and women. Just in case a woman forgets what she should be expecting from a relationship, this is a great reminder. And for men... just in case THEY have forgotten what women expect from a relationship... and don‛t want women to remind them (again)! ...”  —Karen

“All I can say is that ALL MEN should read your treatise!! Especially those on JDate.com! Have you considered publication?” —Sharon

“Excellent! Should be taught to 16 year old boys. They will not get it, but hopefully, later in life, they‛ll remember they read something about it and reread it when they‛re ready.” —Janet

“...It is well written and has lots of great tips.” —Sally

“Fun, simple, honest, and entertaining! Really great advice for men of all ages ... and a great gift for women to give to their “clueless” guys!”  —Ron

Your booklet “Guide” is both sweet and profound at the same time.  —Joanne

This book contains content that
may not be suitable for young readers.

Most Guys Are Clueless

18 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"


ISBN: 978-1-935125-46-4

Published by: Robertson Publishing (RP)


Click to hear David's interview with Chrystal Bougon (he starts 3:10 minutes into the show)

If the above doesn't open go to the online radio station, date of the podcast 09/09/09.

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You are spot on with all your good advice. I liked that you got to the point immediately and kept it short, honest, and sweet. As in all facets of life I would guess that the guys who would benefit the most don't think they need advice. I'm convinced that when women see your title "Most Guys are Clueless" their reaction is in total agreement to that statement... women love this self help type book and you should write a companion book giving advice to females.~Marcy

"Why didn't you write this three years ago before my marriage went south?"~ Mike L.

Thoughtful and genuine.~ September 3, 2009, by Carol Costello

Most women would love to have their men read this book, and most men would "get it" because it is right to the point, thoughtful, direct, and if implemented, would surely get positive results. It's a win/win for everyone.

I was thinking about your book and all the guys I've dated or had relationships with. Every single one of them could learn something, including my 85 year old father, although he's too old to change! —Olive E.

A must read for men and woman of all ages! ~ August 13, 2009, by Jan E. Kliger

Great quick read that is full of clues for men to learn and women to ask for. Sensitive and heartfelt information about what nurtures a relationship!   This could be an inexpensive primer sent to a man before a woman meets him for their first coffee.  Men are difficult to shop for this is a ......the perfect gift....SO RIGHT ON!  

David Gordon

David Gordon lives in Campbell, California where he works on business projects, paints, writes, tries to keep his tennis game potent, and enjoys family and friends while he tries to decide what to be when he grows up.

You can contact him at: MostGuysAreClueless@hotmail.com
or visit: www.MostGuysAreClueless.com

Sections in the Book:
The L Word
"Yes, Dear"
The Four Chemistries
Make Her Happy
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