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Alone On The Yellow Brick Road

Alone on the
Yellow Brick Road

A Memoir

On Love, Life, Death, Grief,
and Moving On


by Beverly Kalinin


160 pages, 6" x 9"

ISBN: 978-1-935125-40-2
Published by: Robertson Publishing (RP)

When we lose the most important person in our lives all we have left is everyone.

The theme ofAlone on the Yellow Brick Road, a memoir, is the startling fact that people grieve as they have lived, either with positive hope or in negative resentment. But the book, with its metaphysical overtone, is more than an account of life, death, grief, and transformation. As well, it is a chronicle of two lives intertwined for over fifty years. It is a love story

In the short span of nine months, the same time period required for birth, Beverly Kalinin nurses her sick husband and attends him lovingly in his dying. Painful mourning follows and she discovers a startling fact—that people grieve as they have lived. And the rate of successful healing is determined by the experience and quality of one’s journey. Alone on the Yellow Brick Road is a sensitively written memoir of love, life, death, grief, and moving on.

Beverly Kalinin has insight into transformation as a result of caring for her sick husband and handling her grief at his death. Alone on the Yellow Brick Road is her personal story. It will guide others through the difficult time of grieving.
—Evie Dwyer, LCSW, Hospice Social Worker, Facilitator of Kaiser Hospice Bereavement Support Group

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Beverly Kalinin

Beverly Kalinin

Beverly Kalinin's long, varied history as a writer includes a picture book series called "The Serra Series," a stage play, "Mandala," and a novel entitled "Let the Fire Fall." Her newspaper and magazine articles have appeared in local and national publications.

Her first book published, "Supermom Wonderwife: Tales of Transition" is a volume of women's poetry. The next book, "Power to the Dancers!" is based on her fifteen years of teaching self-actualization through improvisational dance movement.

Presently, in addition to being an early childhood educator, Beverly continues to write poetry and short fiction. As well, excerpts from, "Alone on the Yellow Brick Road" will be appearing in various publications.

Beverly currently lives in San Mateo, California and is immediately available to present Readings and Workshops related to her book, "Alone on the Yellow Brick Road."

Ms. Kalinin would be happy to meet with your organization or group and can be reached in this regard at bbkalinin@yahoo.com

Bev Kalinin
Beverly had a wonderful time signing books
at the launch party for
"Alone on the Yellow Brick Road."
Books Inc., Burlingame: Beverly at her book reading for
"Alone on the Yellow Brick Road."

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