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Your Mind, Body, and the Fish


by Editor in Chief: Robert Moncrieff

Anglerobics is a collection of comic illustrations and commentary that aims to inject a bit of whimsy into the world of fishing literature, a difficult task in a genre dominated by technical, “how to”, and often boring books inducing somnolence.

Based on the work of George O. Dragg, deceased master angler and teacher, Anglerobics pokes some fun at various fishing concepts, but also offers sound advice for novice and veteran anglers alike. Where else can one find solutions to overlooked but common problems, like leaky waders, bad snarls, and “appearing unobtrusive”?

George’s demise was apparently caused by the rapid deflation of his float tube (belly boat), thought to be the result of tired rubber. Fortunately, through the generosity of his wife, the bulk of his teachings will live on in this book forever. As described by Mrs. Dragg, he had started his future book with drawings of many exercises that could be done at home or in the field, and had barely begun the text when he met his tragic end.

The Master’s pithy remarks and comments have thus been used to head up each of the 14 chapters, and where possible the date and location of these remarks. The drawings are supported by captions, editorial notes and explanation when necessary for the more confusing exercises, plus an attempt to convey some of Dr. Dragg’s brilliant philosophy. The sequence attempts to portray all the challenges of an average fishing expedition.

Anglerobics — Your Mind, Body, and the Fish

160 pages, 6" x 9", with hilarious cartoons by Robert Moncrieff

ISBN: 978-1-935125-60-0
Published by: Robertson Publishing (RP)

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5 starsDestined to be a classic of Sir Isaac proportions! — bassman
This is a laugh-out-loud book of comic-based advice on how to prep and practice for the "art" of fishing. Its actually useful too, with a good story line and some very creative suggestions on how to avoid the game warden, get past farmers and bulls, practicing at home for dangerous stream crossings, how to stay awake for a 4 AM drive to the fishing hole, etc. If you can't go fishing, you can stay at home and do the exercises and pretend you are fishing!
No snobby elitism to be found in this book—just the plain hilarious everyday antics of guys who like to go fishing and how a few simple exercises help them on their adventures. I got it as a christmas gift and think it would be a great gift for that hard-to-find-a-gift-for-the-fisherman-in-the-family sort of person. Can't go wrong for twelve bucks. Good read and good humor!

5 starsNo Need Fishing FOR Praise —Kathy Vlaming (Saint Paul, Minnesota)
Simply from it's cover, depicting a fisherman evading the watchful but slow-witted Fish and Game marshall, the reader knows just what kind of waters they'll be entering in ANGLEROBICS. Breezy without being benign, hilarious in its illustrations and (sometime dubious) advice, it's truly an enjoyable read (and re-read) from start to finish. Complementing the book's mischievious point-of-view is how clearly the author truly enjoys the sport/pastime/excuse of fishing.

5 starsHilarious! —dancerchick (Minneapolis, MN USA)
I loved it! This author really has his own kind of warped, quirky sense of humor that had me rolling on the floor. Of course, I love fishing, I love exercise, and I love cartoons, so I could totally connect with the cartoony story in this book. But I think the appeal will be pretty universal. It follows a fisherman and his group of cronies through the prep for a fishing expedition, traveling to the fishing destination, the fishing escapades themselves, and the tired trip home. It is a quick read, with many cartoon illustrations and just the right amount of words. Although adults will get the full understanding of the humor, even children will get a kick out of this book. My whole family including my 7 and 8 year old boys have had some good laughs reading it!

4 and half starsAnglerobics!? —Joyce Goodrow "J.P.B."
"ANGLEROBICS" The demented hallucinations of a frustrated fisher-cartoonist-outdoorsman should be consigned to The Library of Congress or other burial ground where it will never be a threat to serious hatch-matchers,dry fly enthusiasts and sundry camp followers. J.P.B. [ Hatchmatcher to the Stars.]

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Editor-in-Chief: Robert W. Moncrieff, devoted fisherman since age 5, mushroom hunter, mussel eater, bird watcher, and cartoonist.

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