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C is for the Christ Child
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C is for the Christ Child

Written and Illustrated by N.J. Weiskal

This book will be enjoyed by children of all ages, as well as by grown-ups who wish to share the real meaning of Christmas with their young ones. In it they will learn that each letter in the word CHRISTMAS has a very special meaning.

Christmas Tree

A is for all the lessons
that Christ taught while He was here...

C is for the Christ Child

32 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"
full color illustrations by Natalie Weiskal

ISBN: 978-1-935125-55-6

Sample pages from the book  ~ Copyright Material ~
Sample pages

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5 StarsCaptures the real spirit of Christmas ~ Kat Hassard "boomer_mom" (Saratoga, CA)
This little book with detailed and charming drawings captures the joy and peace of Christmas. I lingered over the details and colors in the pages as all the wonders of the birth of Christ plus the meaning of his life are presented in simplicity for the young child. The book, of course, is for the early reader and is a great way for a child to improve his or her reading skills. If your looking for gift that will be a family treasure for years to come, this is the book!

5 StarsI love this book ! ~ N. Gillis (Modesto, CA)
Share reading with your child...this is a gem of a Christmas story for your child. Every page has meaningful words and beautiful drawings to share the true meaning of Jesus' birth. The richness if the colors and details on each page are rare for this very reasonably priced storybook. As a christian mother and grandmother I was so glad to have this book in our family. I highly recommend it and gifted each elementary child in our church school this past Christmas with this book.

5 StarsA real gem ~ Chuck (Fremont, CA)
This is a read-aloud book about the Christ child as described, page by page, with each letter of the word CHRISTMAS. But there is much more because every turn of the page reveals a beautiful, cheery illustration. This book is a gem that is perfect for reading to your young child as you snuggle together on a cold, winter night by the fire.

5 StarsJoan L. Sampson
I know the author and she has wanted to do this book for a long time and it is an outstanding work. The illustrations are first rate and the story is very well done.


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The Skittery Kitten
and the Scaredy Cat

Written and illustrated by N.J. Weiskal

One day, Mrs. Brown decides to visit her nearby shelter and adopt a kitten, but instead she finds both a little skittery kitten AND a great big scaredy cat. Rather than choose between them, she decides to adopt them both.

Find out what it takes to win their trust . . .

Skittery kitten and Scaredy cat
Cat Condo
A portion of all proceeds
from book sales
will go to the A S P C A.

This is a story about PATIENCE and TRUST that will appeal to very young children who still like to have someone read picture stories to them, and to children who enjoy reading the stories themselves. Parents will find it helpful when discussing the reasons for adopting a new pet from a shelter. The school children I have read it to have been very responsive to both the story and the pictures. I hope you will enjoy it. ~ N. J. Weiskal

The Skittery Kitten and the Scaredy Cat

36 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"
full color illustrations by Natalie Weiskal

ISBN: 978-1-935125-59-4

Some pages from the book  ~ Copyright Material ~
skittery story
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5 starsPeter Ellis
This is a wonderful book for a child. Written at eye level for a little boy or girl, Ms. Weiskal demonstrates how to win the trust of animals by being patient and calm, imparting a lesson without teaching, written in an easy story telling style. The book is a masterpiece in miniature, or simply put, a book children will come back to, again and again. Easy to read and yet wise.

The Author:

N.J. Weiskal

Natalie J. Weiskal grew up in San Carlos, California and currently lives in Modesto, California.

After graduating with a degree in Fine Art from San Jose State University, she enjoyed a career in Scientific illustrating with the U.S. Geological Survey, and later with a small Geotechnical firm in Los Gatos, California.  Her illustrations also appear in, Applied Principles of Hydrology, by John C. Manning, a textbook published in 1987 by Merrill Publishing.

While raising her son she changed careers and worked as a nanny. It was during this time that she invented games and wrote her first stories for children.

In 2006, she embarked on the development and production of a set of cards, Olde St. Nick, which came to market in 2008.


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