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Connect with Your Angels

A Guide for Everyone

Jenny D'Angelo

While the authentic mystical path is full of difficulties and demands great discipline, we do have the grace, given to us by God, of a direct and gracious relationship with the Angels. This is known in all the mystical traditions. In Jenny D’Angelo we have someone who has experienced this grace directly and is being transformed by it.

This book will offer you three things: profound hope amidst the despair of our time, the deep joy of knowing yourself companioned by an Ambassador of God, and direct and luminous practices that will help you sustain the connection through everything.

Andrew Harvey
author of The Hope and Light the Flame

You have many precious offerings for your readers. Personally I was moved by what I read and felt better for being in your presence. Know you have written something lovely and special.
Ned Leavitt, The Ned Leavitt Agency, NY

Jenny D’Angelo’s Connect with Your Angels reminds us of the importance of the mystical way and the role it has and can have in our lives. Jenny’s book honors the deepest self and the earth herself. I am reminded to “Receive the light,” to trust my mission, to trust having one. Reading the angels’ teachings, I feel my sense of calm restored.
Patrice Vecchione, author of Writing and the Spiritual Life and The Alphabet of the Trees


Connect With Your Angels

210 pages, 7.5" x 9.25"
ISBN: 978-1-61170-161-6

Published by:
Robertson Publishing (USA) and Sacred Fire(Australia)

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Humanity needs and the Earth needs all the help it can get these days. One such source of helpers and guides are the spirits we call angels who, according to the great mystic theologian Thomas Aquinas, "cannot help but love" and "carry thoughts from prophet to prophet" and travel the highway of intuition with us. Jenny D’Angelo assists us in making these connections with the angels, many of whom are "unemployed" because the narcissism of humanity can so readily cut us off not only from nature but even from the spirit world.
~Matthew Fox, author of Original Blessing, Creativity, and The Physics of Angels (with Rupert Sheldrake)

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I would like to introduce you to the Angels, to help you awaken to their presence in your life. If 90% of people say they believe in Angels, few actually live in that belief. I know it is possible to live with the Angels, and I wish for you to know it too, for your life to include that joyous experience.

Connect with Your Angels: A Guide for Everyone presents the phenomenology of opening to the Angels. I write my story and experiences as a way of entry. You become familiar with their frequency, call it what you will—love, light, presence, radiance. It is within the pages and it carries you.

In the Angel messages, I ask for guidance about personal and mundane events as well as insights for these times of massive change. The Angels answer with inspiring and soothing wisdom. The light is woven through their words. Eloquent, accessible, filled with love—these messages are for everyone.  

Andrew Harvey, the great modern mystic and Rumi explicator, ignited this project in my heart. He encouraged me throughout its writing, afforded me deep listening, insightful feedback, and structural guidance. His belief in me and in this project have taken me to a new level of trust as the Angels used me for this work. Here is part of what Andrew said:  

The quality of your writing is so beautiful. You have such a deep sense of beauty, and I want this book to reflect what the Angels have done in you. Show the progress of your soul in life to the moment when you could be transparent enough and humbled enough and both whole and damaged enough and hungry enough to be able to receive and know and be the clear, surrendered instrument of the Angels.  

The text is in its present form because of Andrew. He and his visionary Institute for Sacred Activism provided its initial context. His presence in my life continues to be a boon and a flame. References to him show the power of even a few brilliant words.

Who is this book for? People who want connection with their Angels; who want calmness, peace, a feeling of comfort and support. People who know a lot about Angels and people who never thought of them as real. Here is a connection that is easy and accessible. The frequency is familiar. The benefit of communing with the Angels is the steadiness of their love. Such infinite, intimate, constant love penetrates us and we find ourselves loveable. Finally we can love ourselves. This is for everyone.

The practices in the book are simple; they can be given to anyone. Working with women on the cancer journey, I know there is no one who cannot do these practices.  

Who am I to scribe this book? Dorie D’Angelo trained me and adopted me as her granddaughter/next of kin in the early 80s. Internationally known as the Angel Lady of Carmel, she was the first person to bring the angelic vibration into the mainstream. Her book, Living with Angels, is considered a classic in the field. Before meeting Dorie, I was international editor for Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who brought Transcendental Meditation to the world. I am a published poet and a longtime freelance editor of spiritual texts. My life has been dedicated to direct experiences of truth and light. I receive the words from the Angels in humility, knowing them as blessings to be shared.

These pages can be read chronologically or randomly as daily meditations. We are growing in our understanding of how sacred objects such as books can be fully infused with divine energy. I believe that is the purpose and the mission of this book. The Angels say the words carry immediate blessing to the readers. I wish this for every reader with all my heart.


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Jenny D'Angelo


Jenny D’Angelo, healer, poet, Angel scribe. She was adopted as granddaughter/next of kin by Dorie D’Angelo, the Angel Lady of Carmel, in 1983. Before meeting Dorie, she was international editor for Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the one who brought Transcendental Meditation to the world. She is a published poet and has given presentations in the U.S., Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands, and Sweden. Her life has been dedicated to light, truth, and direct experience. She receives the words from the Angels in humility, knowing them as blessings to be shared. Jenny lives on the California central coast.

Contact Jenny at oangels@skyhighway.com

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