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The Last Chapter is

By Dirk Wales


In The Last Chapter is Missing we have a story about a successful novelist, who has disappeared 33 days before his new novel goes to press. Worse than that, he has “gone missing” before turning in the Last Chapter of this current, going-to-press-soon novel. What to do? Well, the publisher has an idea to send his assistant editor to the novelist’s apartment, and even though it’s against the law, to find that Last Chapter. Now.

…and the path to the Missing Chapter leads us to Windsor, Canada, as the adventurous search continues.


182 pages, 6" x 9"
ISBN: 978-1-61170-241-5

Published by: Robertson Publishing

The Last Chapter is Missing

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Prologue  ~ Copyright Material ~

The Last Chapter is Missing ~ Prologue

“Dammit, I like this book, no matter how it ends… yes, I know we have to find “the real ending” — someone should write a novel about a novelist who disappears a few pages and a whole chapter before the work is finished.”

Jonas Keppleman looked up to the small table of two people watching him and smiled. They were looking at him as if he were some sort of a science fiction apperition rather than the Editor of a mainstream publishing company with Sixth Avenue in New York right out the window behind him. Janet smiled, she liked his sense of the absurd in the midst of a lot of folks who didn’t seem real or to have a sense of humor. But, she didn’t say anything.

“More to the point, Jonas, we need to get the missing six pages of Chapter 14 and the whole of Chapter 15 — I need not tell you that deadline is only 32-33 days away.”

Keppleman smiled at Alex Horn, who, if given the chance, would pull a knife out of his stiff suit jacket and plunge it into Jonas Keppleman’s heart. This, Horn thought, would assure him the next step up the ladder and…

“All right…” Jonas seemed magically to be holding a key in front of them — where had that come from, Horn thought. Janet smiled at these goings-on. Whenever these two were put into the same room… well, what did it matter? She smiled at her boss. “Let me guess, your extensive connections in Northern New Jersey stole that key which opens Joesph Kellnur’s apartment door in Chicago?”

“How did you know… no, not about the key, but about my connections in Jersey?” Janet only smiled and looked down at her hands. Horn however snatched the key and handed it to Janet. “All right, enough of this… we want you to get to Chicago and find this guy’s apartment, use this (and he held up the key) to get into Kellnur’s place, open up his computer files and other stuff, find the missing pages and chapter, and FedEx them back to us.”

He smiled at Janet and put his hand over hers. “Then, Janet, we’ll send you a plane ticket to wherever you want to go and let you have a month to put together the outline for the novel we know you have buried in that thoughtful head of yours and bring it back to us for consideration.”

Alex Horn smiled at Jonas and Janet as if he knew, positively knew, that this was always off to the side of their hearts, and deepest wishes, that Janet wanted to be the 734th woman to write The Great American Novel.

“Does it matter that this is absolutely against the law?”

“Yes, Janet,” it was Jonas now, “it matters and No, it doesn’t matter, we have 33 days to get this on press for the Advance copies needed and we have, in hand, what we know will be a winning piece of fiction. We expect no Pulizer Prizes, all we want to do is make back our advance and have a good book in the next line up.”

Both the men looked at Janet Kidder. She in turn looked at each one of them and nodded at them, these two driven men.

“Fine… I’ll be in touch.”

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Who is Dirk Wales?

Dirk Wales

Dirk Wales is proud to be a member of The California Writer’s Club in Berkeley, founded by his hero, Jack London.

Dirk's background is broader than most people who work at one craft or two for most of their career. His good fortune was to get a high level of visual training (writing four plays that were produced) at the Theatre Department at UCLA, and winning the Best Director's Award as a student. Dirk then applied these creative instincts to a working life in television and motion picture work in Los Angeles. Followed by eight years of making television commercials in New York and Chicago.

He began a film company in Chicago called Rainbow Productions, and made museum films, children's animated films, as well as educational films and physician education/marketing films/video for multinational pharma companies. He and his company won 124 National and International Film Festival Awards.

Along the way, Dirk began writing children's books, beginning with A Lucky Dog: Owney, U.S. Rail Mail Mascot of the 1890's. (41,000 copies sold). This and his other books have made Dirk a best selling children's author. It was through these books, notably Jack London's Dog, that he was invited to become a member of the California Writer's Club/Berkeley Branch by Al Levenson. All of Dirk's children's books have won various awards, and each of them has won the prestigious Mom's Choice Award as well as other awards, such as the Paris Book Award for The Giraffe Who Walked to Paris.

Dirk has been an artist since the early 1990's, creating first a body of photography followed by works in mixed media; collage and assemblage. This work has been in art shows in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Stockholm Sweden, as well as galleries in Santa Fe and Taos New Mexico. He is currently a member of the Santa Fe Society of Artists.

Dirk has also become a national authority on addiction of physicians to medicines they work with and administer to patients, in other words, they have become addicted to their own drugs. Dirk's chapter on use of drugs by medical personnel has been included in Perioperative Addiction by Dr. Elizabeth A. M. Frost. This body of work has resulted in receiving the National Media Award from American Society of Addiction Medicine.

Dirk's first novel titled The Fall and Rise of Landon Harris was published in the summer of 2016 and is doing well.

Finally, dirk is the proud father of three children. His oldest is a physician practicing in Nashville Tennessee; an elder daughter who is a Strategic Planner—Consultant in Houston Texas; a younger daughter who is a Producer of education films working out of Chicago.

To contact Dirk drop a note to Dirk@rainbowplace.com

What Comes...

...defies memory,

belittles belief

and embarrasses the barest sense of reality.

The flowing bubbles up
as does the aroma from the fuzz of the bee
as it sucks up the nectar.

Were we to immerse ourselves in that honeyed armour
we would flow past the Watergates of Living
the waiting castles of the Duchess of Wonder.

She has always believed in us.
Why can we not?

But, its never too late,
never to little.
Never. Never.
Today we begin

Go Now.
Not conquer
but gain and gather.

Be like the admired honeyed bee, full of fuzz
Suck up the nectar of life.


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