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by: Ellis Warren Drewery

The American Rebellion ~ Utopia Lost

America and England owe Benedict Arnold the ultimate apology
for their most tragic ordeal and greatest mistake
in the history of the world!

      BENEDICT ARNOLD and DR. JOSEPH WARREN, were the unintentional creators of the United States of America.
       If either man had decided not to be involved in the rebellion against England, there would not have been a Continental Congress, rebel army, or ‘United States’, and, just like most colonists, neither man thought of being independent of England.

       Seven months after JOSEPH WARREN created and directed the Continental Congress in Philadelphia, BENEDICT ARNOLD reached JOSEPH WARREN’S headquarters at Harvard College in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
       Delegates to only the second meeting of the so-called Continental Congress had not reached Philadelphia when JOSEPH WARREN promoted BENEDICT ARNOLD and directed him with a secret mission and plan for a solution to the rebellion.
       Reporting only to JOSEPH WARREN, BENEDICT ARNOLD could have subdued every important fort in North America, including Canada, and then reconciled with England.
       Without the interference of the Continental Congress, the American rebellion would have and should have ended in 1775.
       No one would have or could have done what BENEDICT ARNOLD did for his love of America, which unfortunately led to a fluke ending of the conflict, unintentional fracture of England’s empire, and loss of the nearest possible utopia this world has ever known.

Benedict Arnold ~ Master of the American Rebellion

376 pages, 8.5" x 11"
Hardback with color and b/w photos

ISBN: 978-1-61170-024-4

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Ellis Warren Drewery



Ellis Warren Drewery, born in Roanoke, Virginia, grew up in Blacksburg, Virginia, home of Virginia Tech. Attended Christiansburg Institute high school then became a barber in Blacksburg to build a home for his mother and his four younger brothers. He went to Los Angeles, California in 1970 and worked at Teledyne Microelectronics. This is his first book, and he will be writing more. Ellis lives with his wife in Los Angeles.



I thought the history that I learned in school was all I needed to know about history, until my dear mother, Fern Warren Drewery, died in 1993 at Blacksburg, Virginia. That was when I learned from an older family member about our connection t o Dr. Gen. J oseph Warren, my great grandfather (seven generations), who was killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill in Boston, Massachusetts.

My research became a passion when I learned of the remarkable life of Joseph Warren, and especially the incredible life of his friend Benedict Arnold who was the only one to provide financial support for Joseph Warren’s children after his death at Bunker Hill.

After my nearly twenty years of researching the American Revolution, I discovered that Benedict Arnold did not betray his beloved America!

I love everyone in the world and I want us all to love one another and live peaceful lives!

— Ellis Warren Drewery

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