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A Cleft Mind

Written by Devik Schreiner

"Gravity's victory was inevitable.  My fingers were losing their grip, slowly sliding off a rusty section of rain gutter... I felt a strong hand wrap around my swollen ankle and begin to pull.  I couldn't hold on anymore."

In a span of 100 hours, 11-year-old Justin Tyme's world has been shattered.  Still reeling from his father's unexplained disappearance and unsatisfied with the non-answers his mother has given him, he learns of his father's involvement with an elite team of engineers on the brink of developing a revolutionary new material, code-named C-Metal.

With help from the school janitor, Justin unravels the clues to his father's disappearance, documenting his search in a mysterious, gold-edged journal his teacher gives him.  As he searches for his dad, he copes with his mother's depression and struggles to protect his sister from their emotionally abusive stepfather.

Search a Darker Sky is a rapid-fire psychological journey that propels Justin from boyhood to adolescence.

"I was blown away by the suspense in Search a Darker Sky
Truly an amazing story!  One to be read by millions."
—Justin Stanton, age 13

"I couldn't put the book down.  I felt I was part of the story. 
I can hardly wait for the sequel!"
—Yonatan Margalit, age 11

Cover art and interior illustrations by Jeanne Marie Yee

Search a Darker Sky. A Cleft Mind.

180 pages, 6" x 9"
ISBN: 978-1-61170-038-1

Published by: Robertson Publishing (RP)

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5 starsHighly Recommended! ~ Melissa J. Lynch
Devik Schreiner has created a caring and intelligent adolescent protagonist (Justin Tyme) in this young adult book that suitably fits the interests of middle school and junior high students (and, as a former junior high and current high school teacher, I speak with experience). Justin's curiosity to understand his broken family and living situation with his "step father" propel him into a suspenseful journey of discovery that is both adventuresome, and psychologically rewarding for the reader. Throughout the book, Justin is a thoughtful problem-solver, and balanced with Schreiner's rich descriptive language, a beautiful story about love and loss, youth and maturity, unfolds gracefully. I highly recommend it!

5 starsWhat a fantastic read, I cannot wait for the sequel! ~ Alex
I'm a 39 year old father and, as soon as I finished, I walked it into my 10 year old's room and said, "Son, you gotta read this!". He and, down the road, his two younger brother will love this book and the following series. Thank you, Mr. Schreiner for sharing this wonderful gift...it is to be shared with all!

5 starsWow !!!!!!! ~ Pepper
My brother read this book and kept raving about it. He kept saying what a "cool" story it was. I usually don't read but I was curious to read this. It was Sunday, not much to do, the book was on the table so I picked it up and began to read it, well I coudn't put it down. I finished it Monday morning. It is an amazing story, the author almost puts you in the story because you began to get angry at some of the characters and feel sadness for the children, at least I did. I am 62 years old and I loved it. I believe this is a new author, well I think he has WRITING SKILLS with capital letters, I hope he continues to write more novels. I believe that the adults will enjoy his novels very much too. I just have one thing to say, Mr. Schreiner, hurry up with the sequel, I can't wait to find out what happens next. Congratulations on this one and I know the next one will be an even bigger hit.

5 starsAmazing and my students LOVED it! ~ Andrea Pickering
This book is absolutely amazing!! We were lucky enough to have the author visit our school and do an authors week presentation. I was given a copy of the book and my students immediately wanted to start reading. A page turner for sure!! I recommend it and as an adult I would read it myself. It's great! Can't wait for the next one.

5 starsBest thing since Harry Potter! ~ Paige B.
This is a fantastic book! Since I first read Harry Potter I never thought anything would be as good, but this book is one of my favorites! Keep up the good work!

5 starsLiterary Gem & Engrossing! ~ Jeanne
This novel is a literary gem. The author uses descriptive language that makes the content come alive scene by scene (and even page by page), as you mentally partner with the main character on his intense journey to find answers to questions that have created an unwelcome void and state of confusion in his life. The boy catapults beyond adolescence with each passing chapter. I personally loved the journey of his character development from beginning to end. He clearly represents the ideal or invincibility of youth when pressed with challenges beyond the normal realm of circumstances. The content of this book can easily be consumed in one sitting. Completely engrossing and, more importantly, a great message which makes for a great novel.

5 starsAmazing! ~ Deborah Robles
Usually, I don't enjoy reading in my free time. I would rather play video games and watch TV. But this book was an exception. The way that all of the details were described made me feel like I was there. I like an action-packed book, and this book had just enough action to satisfy my needs. I had a favorite book for about three years, but it instantly changed once I read this book. -Leonardo (13 y.o.)

5 starsA real Page turner!! ~ grumpylgmom
This is an amazing book by a first time author!!! I couldn't put the book down after the first chapter. Suspenseful, exciting, descriptive, ... I can't say enough about this book. This is a great book for kids 4th grade and up! There is one page with a few words that some may find objectionable, but in the course of life they are rather tame. For boys and girls who enjoy a suspenseful, adventurous tale, this is the book for you! Can't wait for the next in the series.

5 starsPage turner extraordinaire ~Kimberly J. Ratcliff
Devik Schreiner's characters are so descriptive and unique, they stayed with me long after I closed the book. He especially captured Justin's evil stepfather, The Tank in all his sadistic glory. In fact, The Tank was so vivid, he stirred up my own unpleasant childhood memories... I also loved the hippie art teacher, Mr. Croozer. "Wow, Justin, right on. Way to use your materials." Great dialogue. After my 12-year-old and I started reading ACM together, he jumped ahead one night when I was busy. He bounded out of his bedroom and exclaimed, "This book just got soooo good. I literally can't wait to read the next chapter." Looking forward to the sequel!

5 stars A must read for children and adults!~ Scott D. Prestine
Hide your to-do list and sit down and enjoy this fantastic book. Brilliantly written with the perfect blend of suspense and realism. Features characters that you care about. The sequel can't come fast enough!

5 stars Fabulous Read for Youth and Adults! ~ Chris Bryant
The novel captures the quintessence of youth - the pure determination and spirit of a young boy. I love the message conveyed in this unique read, Search A Darker Sky, because in spite of the underlying theme of family and relational struggles, the character displays a feisty and steadfast determination to find the answers. What a great "hero" for our youth - that the negativity of our environment doesn't have to dominate our personal outlook on life. So much can be extracted from this 165-page novel! Can't wait to read more from this up-and-coming author!

5 stars Fast-paced adventure ~ Turtle Man
This story introduces us to Justin, a boy who soon takes the reader on a whirlwind adventure that forces him to unravel elements of his life he never knew existed. The story is full of twists and turns, keeping the reader guessing where it will lead next. The main character has a difficult living situation from the start, and must soon rise above this to discover his father's secret.
      As a teacher, it seems clear to me that this book has appeal for teenagers due to its exciting writing style and real world feel. There are many references and allusions to problems and struggles faced by many young people, and it therefore seems pertinent to the crucibles they face today. I would recommend this book to any young reader, as well any adult wishing to perhaps better understand where young people are coming from. Great read.

5 starsExcellent book for middle & high school students ~ By Teacher
I have taught middle school for many years, and I cannot recommend this book more highly. It is an excellent mystery with short chapters, which is so helpful for young readers who have had a less than happy introduction to reading. In addition to the excellent plot, it has some underlying sub-themes that appear in the lives of many of today's children. Primarily however, it is an exciting story, and will introduce don't-read-for-pleasure-readers to the wonderful adventure of a good book, and will captivate the other readers (adults included...).

Review ~ by Kir at Inside Los Gatos
      When I went on my little mini-vacation into the mountains recently, I was given a book to read. Little did I know that I would sit in the wilderness, listening to the wind blow through the trees, while reading a book in one sitting. Yes, I truly enjoyed reading A Cleft Mind, written by Los Gatos resident Devik Schreiner.
    I was intrigued with the main character, Justin Tyme, and his fascination with finding out what happened to his father. You see, his father disappeared three years before the story begins. His mother has remarried, and had a baby with, a man who wants nothing to do with the family. Justin is an independent character who takes care of his siblings while dealing with a depressed mother and a callous stepfather. As the mystery/thriller twists and turns, the reader learns that not only is Justin an independent boy, he is also extremely bright and will stop at nothing to find out what happened to his father.
      I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and was a little disappointed when I came to the end only to not have book #2 in the trilogy to pick up. I was captivated by Justin’s perseverance and kind heart.

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The Author:

Devik Schreiner

As a kid, Devik Schreiner had a bad haircut and wore his pants too short. He enjoyed reading almanacs, science fiction, and the backs of baseball cards. He plays the trumpet and piano, loves golf and the San Francisco Giants, and is known for balancing a pencil on his nose.

Devik teaches middle school English and History in San Jose and lives in Los Gatos, California with his wife and twin girls.

Devik welcomes your comments on his "Search a Darker Sky" series.
You can email him at devik@searchadarkersky.com

Visit: facebook.com/SearchADarkerSky

Kids at Hicklebees Kids at Hicklebees

Cambria native Devik Schreiner combines roles as teacher, author
By Steve Provost ~ April 15, 2015 

When you’re a writer, it’s often fun to meet others who share your love of the written word — of telling a good story and connecting with readers. In my short time in Cambria, I’ve run into no shortage of folks who share my love of the craft. In fact, I’m starting to wonder whether there’s some magic in those Monterey pines that inspires residents to put pen to paper (or, as is more often the case these days, fingertips to keyboard).

Devik Schreiner seems to think there is.

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Author returns to Cambria Friday

Author Devik Schreiner, a graduate of Cambria schools, will sign books at a public reception during a visit to Santa Lucia Middle School on Friday, March 30. The author of “Search a Darker Sky: A Cleft Mind” will give an interactive presentation in the language classrooms.

The book is a rapid-fire psychological journey that propels a young boy through adolescence. The sixth graders who read his novel in class were surprised to learn the author grew up in Cambria and attended their middle school.

While a student at Santa Lucia Middle School, he wrote a play, “Operation Pineapple,” which was performed by the Cuesta College Drama Department. Devik graduated from Coast Union High School in 1984, attended Cuesta College, San Diego State University, and now teaches sixth grade English in San Jose. He lives in Los Gatos with his wife and twin 10- year-old girls. “Oregon Story,” a prequel to “A Cleft Mind,” is due out in late 2012.

The public is invited to a reception to meet Schriener from 3 to 3:30 p.m. in the middle school library at 2850 Schoolhouse Lane. Signed copies of his book will be available for purchase. — Staff

Hi Everyone! Search a Darker Sky received its first big review by Story Snoops!!
Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement with the book! 
Click here to read the review.

For Immediate Release

Schreiner Publications
17259 Clearview Drive
Los Gatos, CA 95032
Phone: (408) 482-3232

A New Trilogy Springs to Shelves with the first book: Search a Darker Sky – A Cleft Mind

Los Gatos, CA (PRWEB) — September 19, 2011. An inspiring new novel by Los Gatos author Devik Schreiner has been released to critical acclaim. A Cleft Mind, the first book in the Search a Darker Sky trilogy, is a fast paced, character-driven novel with short chapters and illustrations that is less intimidating than many middle-grade books, yet maintains a gritty, true-life feel.

“Since I began teaching English over 12 years ago,” says Devik Schreiner, “my number one goal has been to get kids to read. It opens up so many doors later in life. Unfortunately, I have seen a steady decline in the amount of time that kids, especially boys, read on a regular basis. With the release of A Cleft Mind, I am so excited be part of a dedicated group of authors and teachers that is trying to reverse that trend.”

Readers are also excited:
“A whirlwind adventure that forces the main character to unravel elements of his life he never knew existed. The story is full of twists and turns, keeping the reader guessing where it will lead until the very end.”

“Hide your to-do list and sit down and enjoy this fantastic book. Brilliantly written with the perfect blend of suspense and realism. The sequel can't come fast enough!”

The Los Gatos Library will be holding a book signing at the Adult Recreation Center on Thursday, September 22nd from 4pm - 5:30pm. Over 200 people are expected to come and meet Mr. Schreiner, learn about the genesis of the book, the writing process, and how his students have impacted his writing.

Mr. Schreiner is holding book signings in the bay area to inform audiences about the genesis of the book, the writing process, and how his students have impacted his writing

A Cleft Mind is published by Robertson Publishing, a Los Gatos company, and is illustrated by Los Gatos artist Jeanne Marie Yee. Search a Darker Sky – A Cleft Mind (ISBN: 978-1-61170-038-1) is available for purchase on Amazon.com and was recently reviewed by Story Snoops http://storysnoops.com/detail.php?id=1203

About the Author
Devik Schreiner teaches middle school English in San Jose. He lives in Los Gatos with his wife and twin girls.

Media Contact:
Schreiner Publications
Susanna Maria Martinez
email: susanna@searchadarkersky.com
cell: (408) 482-3232

Oregon Story,” a prequel to “A Cleft Mind,” is the next in the Search a Darker Sky series.

Robertson Publishing
Fremont, CA 95030 USA

510-573-6625 or outside California toll free 888-354-5957