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The Boy with No 'PANTS'


David G. Hartwick
Illustrated by Mike Schwarze

This story is about a day in the life of a boy named David, who has lots of trouble keeping track of his ‘PANTS’.

Every morning when he wakes up his ‘PANTS’ never seem to be where he left them the night before. So every day David goes on a new search looking for his ‘PANTS’, never knowing if he will find them before he has to leave for school.

During todays search he interacts with neighbors and assorted critters around his house hoping one of them will know where his ‘PANTS’ might be hiding.

60 pages, 7" x 10"
ISBN: 978-1-61170-182-1

Published by: Robertson Publishing (RP)

David…The Boy with No 'Pants'

David G. HartwickThe little boy in this story is somewhat based on me, David, your author. As a young boy I was always misplacing stuff. I was also a rough and tumble type of kid and got my clothes dirty so fast my mom could hardly keep up. Most of the time you’d find me wearing Converse high tops, just like David wears in this story. And yes, I was always rushing to get to school on time.

Today I always wear shorts when I am not on my motorcycle or at an event were I’m required to wear long pants. And my friends are always asking me where my pants are. So I’ve combined all of this and a little imagination to make up David...The Boy with No 'PANTS'.

There are many more stories to come. The goal in all my books is to have fun… Fun for me as I write my stories and hopefully fun for you as you read them.

Contact David at hartwick_books@yahoo.com

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ISBN 978-1-61170-182-1

5 starsNo 'Pants' But Many Laughs ~ James N. Matsuzaki
An endearing and heartfelt look at childhood frustrations. Beautifully illustrated throughout. I very much recommend it.

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About the author:

Many years ago David Hartwick was riding his bicycle when he was run over by a car and was badly injured. The car drove away and left him on the side of the road. He received a terrible brain injury that, even today, gives him problems.

David had to relearn to spell, read, write, talk, and walk all over again. He started relearning to read again one word at a time. He began by reading kindergarten books, then first grade books, then second grade books, and so on. There were times when he thought he would never recover but he never quit or gave up. One of the exercises he did to help his brain recover was to write stories. David has written over 200 stories during the years of his recovery and is now publishing some of them.

“There may be some of you kids out there that have been injured or maybe you were born with something that causes you problems. If you have a brain injury I am here to tell you that the brain is an amazing thing. It can fix itself but you have to help it to do so. I say to all of you kids, DO NOT QUIT AND NEVER STOP TRYING, and to all moms and dads please don’t let them quit or stop trying. If you are an adult and are reading this book to help yourself, GOOD FOR YOU, DON’T QUIT because if I had quit or stopped trying you would not be reading my books.” ~ David G. Hartwick





True Fan Pic.

This book is Amazing, first of all this book captured my little sister Kristiana's attention, who happens to have down syndrme, which is a genetic chromosome 21 disorder causing developmental and intellectual delays. The author gave me his book called DAVID...The Boy with No 'PANTS', I gave it to my sister and she wanted me to read it to her so I did. She ended up liking it a lot. She got excited when I would read it to her and she didn't have a hard time understanding the book at all. She seemed to really get into the book; she would giggle and ask questions about the book. The best thing about this book is it got her attention a lot. She was even carrying the book around with her for a week.

This book is amazing for kids. I highly recommend this book for all kids; they just might have the same reaction, maybe even better. It's a gread book for kids to use their imagination and let their mind wonder.
~ Marrissa Contreras

2015 at ICU pediatric ward

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