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Teaching Your Teen
To Drive

by Harold A. Smith


This book is an illustrated guide for inexperienced and nervous parents who realize they must provide 50 hours of daylight and 10 hours of night driving in the family car. It can be a dangerous business even if you consider yourself a good driver because you don't have an instructor’s brake in your car.

Some Benefits:

  • Your own driving will improve as you take your teen through these maneuvers!
  • Your teen will stand a much better chance of passing his/her driver test at DMV if you follow my recommendations.

Take it easy and don’t rush things. Good luck to you…you can do it!

88 pages, 7" x 10"
ISBN: 978-1-61170-140-1

Published by: Robertson Publishing (RP)

Illustrations by Frank Hill
~Text and all illustrations are Copyrighted ~

Teaching Your Teen to Drive

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Harold A. Smith

Harold A. Smith received his B.A. and MA from San Jose State and was a teacher with San Jose Unified Schools from 1961 through 2000. He began teaching driving in 1964.

After his retirement in 2000 he established a successful driver training business, Driver Training Services, in Santa Cruz, Watsonville and surrounding areas. He also helped elderly drivers with various problems.

Harold survives in Santa Cruz, California.
Contact him at 831-425-1542.

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Fifty Hours in a Family Car

...In 1999 California Senate Bill 1329 (Leslie- R) was passed that requires parents to spend fifty hours with their teen in the family car, including ten hours at night, after the teen has had six hours of instruction with a professional driving instructor and has received the DMV Completion Certificate OL238 from the driving instructor.

Throughout my 36 years of teaching driver training I have spoken with many parents who are more than qualified to teach their own teenagers, but many more parents express fear and uncertainty. This book is for them. It can be a dangerous business. Parents have to become involved in driver training to save their own kids’ lives. The leading cause of death of 16 year old teenagers is not drugs, not alcohol, but traffic fatalities. Driver training teachers, no matter how skilled, can only do so much in the six hours required by the state. Parents must teach safe driving habits day in and day out and hope it takes. Good eating habits protect your health. Good driving habits protect your life! Your kids are going to drive as you drive, so try to set a good example. I have described my teaching techniques in this book and they work...

... My techniques aren’t infallible but they’re as good as any and probably better than most. How you teach them is important. This book should prove invaluable, no matter how good a driver you think you are. Being a good driver and teaching a teenager to drive are two different things... —Harold A. Smith

Reduce Travel Trauma

Know These Signs

Some illustrations from the book.
~All illustrations by Frank Hill are Copyrighted ~

Sitting behind the wheel
Focus on a distant object
Don't Drink and Drive

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