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Dr. Hoban has arranged a scatter of apparently separate essays, short stories, poems and sayings in a book meant to do something as well as say something. Together they constitute and reflect a coherent whole. Amusing and intellectually provocative, these stories are intended to benefit readers in their daily lives by providing hidden frameworks for future understanding of the people and circumstances in their lives.

Not a self-help book, Holoscripts is aimed at readers’ ongoing development; its requirement is that readers themselves put something into it.



232 pages, 6" x 9"
ISBN: 978-1-61170-174-6

Published by: Robertson Publishing (RP)


“A fascinating potpourri of wit and wisdom from the provocative mind of a highly original thinker.”
—Elliot Aronson, Social Psychologist, Author of The Social Animal

“Holoscripts is the finest book I have seen for those seeking a guide for reflection and self-discovery.”
—Burt Nanus, Emeritus Prof. (Management), University of Southern California, Author of Visionary Leadership

“Insanely brilliant, amusing and contemplative. It’s like The Hitchhiker’s Guide: from “what one imagines, believes or thinks” to “what is.” Prepare to be impacted.
—Robert Fogel, Principal Education Architect, Intel Education

“The least derivative (and most original) work I have read in a long time. It has the power to transform (by reminding you that you already have that power yourself).” ...Read the Full Review
—Julia Horsley, A/Prof. (Geography), University of Western Australia, Gestalt Therapist, Member NY Bar

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A collection of stories, lists, sayings and brief meditations aimed at dozens of aspects of life.
Hoban’s frequently thought-provoking debut contains snippet-length segments and scenarios interspersed with maximlike mottos, themed lists and occasional pieces of poetry. The long, generously full collection of odds and ends is designed to challenge assumptions and undercut rote thinking. ... Read the Full Article.

5 starsAt Once Personal and Universal ~ By Susan Blatt
"Holoscripts" is an absolute gem. So much more than an anecdotal compilation, David Hoban writes from a unique point of view that will have the reader examining, questioning and often validating his own perception and experience. At times laugh out loud funny and always written with deep emotional insight. Take your time with it. Keep what rings true and think on what doesn't. There is something here for everyone, that is the beauty of this book.

5 starsCharming and Thought Provoking ~ By Judie siddall
I enjoyed being in the head of such a thoughtful and charming writer. The chapters are mainly short and as concise as a poem. My favorites are "Incurable" and "Seeing and Being Seen." I felt the pathos and humor were evenly distributed in both. I shall be giving this book as a gift to my friends and family. I highly recommend it!

From Holoscripts  ~ Copyright Material ~

...To me, experience is everything. My pronouncements are meaningless unless they provide a means to experiences that allow the reader to accept, reject and assimilate, in time, beyond superficial appearances. Getting the point quickly would be conditioning at best, putting an end to further experience. This is because when one thinks one knows something, one has unwittingly removed any need to know it further.

It is my hope that what is to follow has a use — that you will observe your own reactions and assumptions about what is written; that you allow that it can be both pedantic and fresh, leading to experiences beyond your initial reactions, leaving a trace of something that decodes, at a later time, as a whole experience. —David Hoban


Auto Motives
Righteous Convict
The Many in the One
Looking in the Mirror, Seeing Someone Else
Swiss Cheese
The Ego Player
Attention and Self-esteem
Edifice Complex
Construction Sites
Biography as Mirror
Attention Disorder
Confusing One Thing for Another
A Story is a Story is a Story
A Bit of Philosophy
Cause and Effect
Hot Tubs and Blind Spots
Gratuitous Advice I
Hope, Fear, and Uncertainty
Heard at the Dentist’s Office
Help and Helplessness
Tickets of Admission
Occupational Hazards
Inmate Questionnaire
Always Doing What We Want
Composure, Strength, and Dignity
Conscious Evolution
Spirituality and Functionality
Prison Story
Living in the Past
Neologism as Truth
Omitters and Spewers
Laurel and Hardy
The Cure
People Cannot Be Told Anything They Don’t Already Believe
Science, Romance, and Reality
Lost Love
Seeing and Being Seen
Self-consciousness and Consciousness of Self
The Chemistry of the Social Self
Pride, Self-Esteem, and Dignity
The Sucker Complex
Texas Tall Story
The Trial
Gratuitous Advice II
Thoughts on Muddling
Thoughts on Greed
Time and Development
Dismissal and Inclusion
Vanity, All is Vanity
Think About This
Connecting or Relating
Women and Men are Kin
To Be Alive
Three Levels of Understanding
The Safeway
Sixty Years Later
Questions about Questions I
Questions about Questions II
Holoscriptive Shards
Gratuitous Advice III
Real Property
Ideas and Property
Now that I Am Dead
Administrative Disorders
Alien Visitation
Best Teachers
Comments on Comments
Developmental Learning
Directions for Tail Chasing
Doing Life
Fear and Imagination
Feeling Better
Hey You
Life as a Mess
What They Say about Messengers
Neurotics, Psychotics, and Artists
Proxy Meeting
Study of Nutrition
What is Knowledge Not Used?
When Darkness is Light
What Makes You Belong Together with Me
Frau Knolle
It all boils down
Further Reading

Auto Motives

She called it Rosy. Giving her car a name imbued it with personality and relationship which transcended the usual take-me-bring-me of daily life. As time passed, it developed character with breakdowns and repairs. In turn, she developed an affectionate tolerance to the annoyances and inconveniences of poor shock absorbers and misalignment. Because she felt such affection for the vehicle, she remained unaware of the steady increase of energy and time required to keep it running. Other aspects of her life became subordinate to the demands of the car. She faced a steadily increasing risk of breaking down on some lonely highway.

At last, the tires became so bald, the brakes so worn, the engine so diminished in power that she was forced to consider selling. Yet she could not bring herself to deceive anyone in the marketplace despite her need to gain sufficient money to purchase another vehicle.

She decided to put the car up for auction.

As the auctioneer took the podium, she felt a twinge of loss. “Here we have an automobile maintained with loving care,” the auctioneer began. “Its engine has been kept in perfect tune.” She thought again how much she had invested in the old girl and, before she knew it, made a bid. The auctioneer warmed up. “Uses hardly any petrol at all,” he sang. She bid higher. “Travels long distances with the smoothest of rides.” She had to have this car. When the auctioneer rapped his gavel, hers was the final bid at $1,000.

Excitedly she paid the auctioneer $1,000 as the buyer. He counted out his commission of $200 and returned $800 to her as the seller. After much effort, she started the vehicle and drove home, lurching and sputtering. She felt content. She owned a car with qualities she had never appreciated before. Thankful that the auctioneer had helped her to avoid an incalculable loss, she thought, “And I’m only $200 out of pocket. What a small price to pay!”


The most irrational choices are supported by
the most rational explanations.

From Holoscripts  ~ Copyright Material ~

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David Hoban


David Hoban, MD, is a retired psychiatrist who lives with his wife Evelyn in Santa Cruz, California and Cinque Terre, Italy. Having practiced psychiatry in settings ranging from prisons and community mental health to private practice for forty years, he began to understand that psychotherapy is merely a necessary step towards conscious development, and not an end unto itself. Taking from his own experience, he made a shift—from eliminating troubling symptoms (from which no one is immune), to learning how to learn from the inevitable struggles of life itself.

He was trained in Gestalt Therapy and conducts workshops at his home in Italy, as well as France and Australia. He believes that beyond the training we get from family, society, school, and the workplace, people have an additional capacity to develop their full potential. This development is never without effort, but the rewards are immeasurable.

For contact numbers and additional information visit www.centerfortherapistdevelopment.com


Lise Bratton is an artist, book editor and designer (ususally of art books — fortunately, sometimes, of stories).

She lives and works in Darkest Scottish Borders from home and at Real Wood Studios, a collectively run, non-profit distributing, creative workshop facility and sawmill.

Contact: mail@lisebratton.com

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