James Robert Miller

James Robert Miller


"fast-paced story… genuine suspense"— Publishers Weekly

"a terrific novel that keeps you going until the very end"— Inscriptions Magazine


Final Justice



by: James Robert Miller

The genesis of FINAL JUSTICE is the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the escalation of the Vietnam war. But FINAL JUSTICE is a contemporary tale, a meticulously researched weaving of history into a totally modern story. The assassins of JFK return to terrorize an incoming administration and only one woman, with a unique and secret tie to the slain president can stop them!

With the explosive climax, the reader is left gasping: Has America at last, achieved its final justice?

Who killed JFK? America’s mystery makes a return in James Miller’s new thriller, FINAL JUSTICE. A gripping climax and twists and turns in the plot keep you glued to the page, …a sensitive and well written novel. —Sharpwriters Review.

340 pages, 6" x 9"
ISBN: 978-1-935125-41-9

Published by: Robertson Publishing (RP)

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Some pages from the book  ~ Copyright Material ~


Charleston, West Virginia
May 10, 1960

Senator John F. Kennedy stood ramrod straight, smiling like a schoolboy, waving at the enthusiastic crowd. It had been a grueling primary campaign through the poverty-stricken state. At first he had balked at the demand from his campaign manager and younger brother, Bobby, to get up at four-thirty in the morning to press the flesh of the West Virginia voters one last time.

But now he was pleased that he had fallen for Bobby’s subterfuge. On this day of the all-important primary vote, he had not been forced to stand in the predawn darkness to grab the calloused hands of the weary line of hardened men drudging by on the way into another coal mine. No, his brother had arranged a surprise: a final campaign rally of over five thousand ardent supporters, cheering and clapping. They energized him for the hours of waiting and anticipation to follow.

But as the presidential candidate from Massachusetts left the stage with a final salute to the frenzied crowd, suddenly he knew, instinctively, deep in his political gut, this primary had been won. He need not let the day ahead be consumed by election apprehension. Now he could plan with certainty the management of the momentum that would gain him the nomination of his party, and then hopefully carry him on to the White House.

And so he could afford to return to Washington in a few hours as his wife wanted. It would be good to respond to her request for an afternoon and evening away from the campaign.

Elated, Jack Kennedy headed back to the hotel that served as his West Virginia headquarters. He decided the morning would be perfect if he could grab an hour or two with an eager, vigorous young woman. As he passed his beaming brother on the stairs leading down from the platform, Jack leaned over and thanked Bobby for the unexpected pleasure of the exhilarating rally. But Bobby’s smile faded instantly when Jack added in a raspy whisper that he was going to take a couple of hours for some “r and r.”

“Jack,” Bobby pleaded. “Not now! Everybody will be watching, scrutinizing your schedule.”

Jack Kennedy smiled the smile that the whole nation would learn to adore and winked. “Tell them I’m resting for the rigors ahead, Bobby. See you when I’m feeling better.” With that, the next president of the United States carefully negotiated the last two stairs and eased himself into the back of the waiting limousine for the short ride to his campaign hotel...


“… a remarkably well-written novel. It’s tightly plotted, fast paced and keeps moving all the way through to the end. The author has obviously done his homework and is able to deliver an historically accurate novel and plausible speculation of what might be…James Miller has crafted a cast of very real characters…a terrific novel that keeps you going until the very end. Whether you are a conspiracy fan or not, you’ll get a kick out of this one. The only disappointment is that it’s over too soon.” Inscriptions Magazine

“This novel hits the ground running…rushed action and steamy romance…fast-paced story…genuine suspense. Samantha Wright is a sassy and independent heroine.” Publisher’s Weekly

“A sensitive and well-written novel. A gripping climax and twists and turns in the plot keep you glued to the story. A highly readable work.” Sharpwriter

“FINAL JUSTICE is a remarkable act of story telling. The characters are vivid, recognizable, and absolutely logical. The plots pulls the reader along, irresistibly, unraveling a complicated storyline with simplicity and intensity… The details are engaging (and impressive), and the over-all concept is compelling. If you love a good storyline, you’ll love FINAL JUSTICE. If you love a mystery, you’ll love this book. Unforgettable.” Darlene Bridge Lofgren

“A page turning, thought-provoking, action novel from a Washington D.C. insider who really knows his meat–political thrillers. The hidden premise springs from the military and political conspiracy surrounding the assassination of JFK who perpetrators are, it’s slowly revealed, still incestuously at work in the tribe of government agencies. The action begins in the present just as the new U.S. President is about to nominate a blustery anti-military senator for Secretary of Defense, a nomination that’s suddenly withdrawn in favor of the chilly chief of a multinational corporation deeply involved in the international arms business. Enter Samantha Wright, a marvelous character, a leading expert in the U.S. military budget, a senior assistant to the rough-riding senator who lost the toss, and her sidekick, Daniel Garcia, a passionate, tough reporter. Together they are propelled through the Washington power temples and the nefarious arms trade, grappling with an ever-deepening web of intrigue that reveals the assassins of JFK–conspirators in high places who will stop at nothing in their covert war for profit, prestige and power. A great read.”— Mollie Gregory, Author, EQUAL TO PRINCES, PRIVILEGED LIVES, TRIPLETS, and WOMEN WHO RUN THE SHOW—How a Brilliant and Creative Generation of Women Stormed Hollywood

“Among contemporary novelists, James Miller has the rare ability to take issues of broad social significance and weave them into compelling page-turners. In FINAL JUSTICE, we are treated to a plausible scenario in which richly drawn characters must overcome the Machiavellian conspirators behind JFK’s assassination. FINAL JUSTICE grips readers from page one and holds us in suspense as it masterfully unwinds to its thrilling conclusion.” —Ira Spector, Author, LAST CHANCE, A MONTH OF SUNDAYS, and Contributor to CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL

“Former Securities and Exchange lawyer, James Miller, has written a political-action thriller that examines the corrupting influence of big business, particularly the military-industrial complex, in shaping our national destiny. It reads as if it were ripped from today’s headlines.” —Loraine Despres, Author, THE SCANDALOUS SUMMER OF SISSY LEBLANC, THE BAD BEHAVIOR OF BELLE CANTRELL, and THE SOUTHERN BELLE’S HANDBOOK

5 starsEdge of your seat thriller! ~ MJH
Final Justice is the only book since The Davinci Code to keep me so involved and at the edge of my seat. This is not a slowly pass your time away at the beach book. This is what you read when you want your lazy boy to feel like the seat of a jet fighter. Looking forward to the movie!

5 starsBad Guys, Real Bad Guys and the Bad Men Who Kill Them ~ Jack Shakely (California)
Like most conspiracy theory thrillers, and this one is a doozie, just when you think you figured out who the bad guy is, it turns out he's just a puppet. That's part of the fun of James Miller's extraordinarily fast-paced novel that looks at the JFK assassination through a very distant mirror. And fifty years later, the story still throbs with excitement. It's also a cautionary tale that reminds us that the horrors that could be committed in the name of national peace aren't necessarily relics of the past.

Samantha Wright is a bright, highly-placed assistant to one of the most powerful senators in the country, the head of the Senate Armed Services Committee. In her routine background checks of the Secretary of Defense-designate, one tiny thread unravels. A seemingly minor incident and a grainy photograph become the instruments of death to Samantha's contacts and friends. She and her boyfriend, Washington Post reporter Daniel Garcia, quickly find that every alley they explore is not only blind, it's got a stone killer waiting at the end.

As a former SEC attorney and Washington insider, author Miller's sense of place and protocol lend credibility to this fantastic story. Whether its Harvey's Restaurant, the E ring of the Pentagon, the Metro or the halls of the Russell Senate Office Building, Miller puts you there, and in harm's way.

5 stars A Page Turning Thriller David A. Peters (California)
I started this very fast paced, intriguing, political thriller on Saturday Morning and finished it on Sunday Morning. Usually I am a slow reader, finding maybe an hour a day to read. But I could not put this book down. The story line is strong and the twists and turns throughout kept be turning page after page and wanting more. And even when I thought the story was over there was more. The crisp, very graphic descriptions created strong images without boring me with too much wordy "author trying to impress" detail. The female protagonist is believable, intelligent and attractive. The ending had me thinking where is the truth and where is the fiction? If you like mystery and politics READ IT - You will love it.

5 starsA really good read!HFE (Washington, DC)
Final Justice started off with a most intriguing puzzle------and then provided quite an exciting ride. And as a native Washingtonian, it was most enjoyable to feel the essense of our federal city, the local neighborhoods and government branches come through vividly. At one point I thought the wide ride might be coming to a conclusion... and then it all just took off again! The ending leaves you wondering: can this all be true? This is really a good book.

5 starsA Great Feel for DialogueGary L. Justice
"I thought this one was a real page turner. I found Mr. Miller's dialogue particularly realistic. I also found his development of the private moments of some of the historical characters particularly believable. I normally take months to read a book, and often have five or ten books going at a time. I could not put this book down, and got thorugh it in a couple of days. When I did finish it, I found that I was thirsting for the sequel! A complete thumbs up on this one."

5 starsPolitical ThrillerJohn MacEachern
“To political thriller lovers, you have just found the Mother Load! I just finished reading Final Justice. Some of my favorite authors are Michael Connelly, David Baldacci, Greg Isles, Linclon Child, Johathan Kellerman, James Patterson, Dennis Lehane, Richard North Patterson, John Sanford, and now Jim Miller. I really enjoyed the fast pace of the book, the character development, and the political setting and the story intrigue. This book is on target, and spectacularly so. It is compelling and I love all the twists and turns.”

5 starsI wish I had more than TWO thumps to put upHillery Meisels
“This book grabbed me with the first sentence and was responsible for some tired eyes. The heroine was intriguing and the story had just the right amount of detail, twists and narrative. I liken it to a balanced glass of wine. Enough of everything...but I still want more. I was so happy to find out that James has more in his body of work and hopefully MUCH MORE to come. I am a fan for life! GREAT READ at so many levels!”

Beach Books: ‘Final Justice,’ by James Robert Miller
by Annie Lubinsky

      Manhattan Beach resident James Robert Miller put his knowledge derived from years of service with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the Democratic National Committee in Washington, D.C., to good use when he wrote “Final Justice: The Assassins of JFK Return to Terrorize Again.”
      “I think I have the credentials to write a true insider expose,” Miller said.
      While the book is a work of fiction, its genesis is the story of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. “Then it quickly soars into a modern, contemporary thriller,” Miller said. “The assassins of JFK return to terrorize a new administration, and only one woman with a unique and secret tie to the slain president can stop them.”
      That’s all he can tell readers without giving anything away, Miller explained. “The story evolved from my own experience as a Washington, D.C., insider, where I saw the elite Washington power brokers in action.”
      Previous to his career in Washington, as a college student Miller wrote a thesis on the foreign policy of the Kennedy administration, which gave him a passion for writing and history. “That passion is a big part of the writing of ‘Final Justice,’” he said.
      He took a year to write the book, without knowing for a long time how it was going to end. “I was very far along when the ultimate climax and ending revealed itself to me,” Miller said. That was a departure from his usual detailed outlines.
      Readers have told Miller that they were fascinated with the book’s historical characters, including JFK, Robert Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson.
      “I’m very proud of how I’ve really honestly and fairly portrayed them,” he said. “People have also told me they feel the book provides a lot of answers and explanations as to why things happen, from the assassination through the war in Vietnam, and issues today of war, peace and politics.”
      While Miller has poured his knowledge and experience into the book, his goal was to create “an action-packed page turner,” a story that would be a great summer read. “I would not be surprised to see a whole lot of copies of ‘Final Justice’ at the beach this summer,” he said.
      Find the book: “Final Justice” is available at bookstores and online. Miller encourages beach cities residents to buy the book locally at Pages or Hillside Pharmacy in Manhattan Beach.

James Robert Miller



James Robert Miller is a lawyer, historian, environmentalist, bestselling author, political activist, and successful entrepreneur. Over his distinguished career he has served with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, and on the Executive Committee of the Finance Council of the Democratic Party. As a Washington insider, he earned the credentials needed to take on a writing task as challenging as FINAL JUSTICE.

He now resides in Manhattan Beach, California, where he surfs, scuba dives, works with several non-profits to preserve and protect the oceans, and performs with the rock band Thin Ice.

If you wish to contact Jim drop a note to jrm524@aol.com.


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