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Book 1

A Sea of White Impatiens ISBN:  9781611700633

No one who grew up during the Depression deserved to suffer children who belonged both to the Baby Boom and X generations, but William and Joan Gallagher did, and did they suffer. How these two fine, moral people produced children who committed larceny, engaged in strange sex, used cremated remains as confetti and got haircuts at the Port Authority Bus Terminal is beyond explanation. Arrogant, tribal, bloodthirsty and sweet, the Gallagher children would only be on each otherís teams, and while seemingly a world apart from their parents, they shared more than heavy eyebrows over gorgeous eyes.

A Sea of White Impatiens

Book 2

Superior Bodies ISBN:  9781611700657

Christian Gallagher joins Superior Bodies, a shabby, poorly run gym whose only attractions are that it is owned and operated by gay lovers and is five blocks away from his house. Confident the club will fail without his investment and leadership, Christian buys into the operation and, with the help of Samia Siva, SB’s only female member and his new BFF, turns the place into a high-end gay gym and bathhouse. Not satisfied with rescuing the club, the formidable pair rescue its members from getting busted for turning tricks at Orlando’s Lake Underhill Park, working out with the gym’s idiot trainer-in-residence and, most importantly, making a bad gay porn remake of “Ice Castles,” though, really, can there be a good one? Enjoy Christian and Samia enjoying themselves as they develop their Superior Bodies.

Superior Bodies

Book 3

Arrogant, Tribal, Bloodthirsty and Sweet ISBN:  9781611700695

No good deed goes unpunished, and there is no better example of this than Superior Bodies General Manager Christian Gallagher’s attempt to bring some romantic joy to a senile old drag queen in the last days of her life. His efforts are rewarded with a series of tragedies that begin with a car accident and include an assault, surgery, arrest, and trial. This kind of luck would crush even the most formidable of men, but Christian Gallagher is one of the Rowaneck Gallaghers, and no sooner do his brothers and sisters learn of his troubles than they descend on Orlando to rescue him. Stealing a corpse, ballroom dancing around the Superior Bodies pool, manipulating the national media, and looting the Citrus Club, the Gallagher family have not had this much fun since they trashed their wicked Aunt Fiona’s house during their uncle’s wake. But can their efforts keep their brother out of prison for soliciting, kidnapping, theft and murder? Find out if guilty Christian is found so, and enjoy as Orlando, and the rest of the country, learn the degree to which he, the rest of the Gallagher family, and Aunt Fiona are arrogant, tribal, bloodthirsty and sweet.

Arrogant, Tribal, Bloodthirsty and Sweet

Book 4

Linden ISBN:  9781611700725

In the fourth book in the series, Christian Gallagher rents an RV and road trips it up the East Coast visiting family and old friends on his way to Massachusetts to open Superior Bodies Boston. With him are Drucilla, Herod, The Whore of Babylon and Linden Midwinter, whom everyone thinks is his boyfriend. In ten days Christian learns more about Linden than in the two years he has known him. Never in a million years would he have thought his gun-toting, Larchmont Ladies Association-referencing employee enjoyed fantasy novels, had been a gymnast and loved to bowl, and never would he have thought Linden’s family story could rival his. Never, too, would Christian, the most promiscuous man in Orlando and maybe the world, have considered giving it all up for one man. Find out if he does, and if the man he does it for is Linden.


Book 5

A Superior Revenge ISBN:  9781611700749

Deirdre Gallagher Flynn’s second to last act on earth is arranging for the Stamford Midwinters to attend the wedding of her brother Christian and their long-neglected nephew Linden. Her last act is hooking her son Corey’s diaper bag to the fender of her van as a carjacker takes off in it with him. Shocked by his sister’s murder, but in denial of how affected he is by it, Christian distracts himself by replacing Superior Bodies’ cubicles with a kennel and opening Superior Mutts, a doggie rescue. The effort gives him comfort but, like his siblings, he won’t find peace until he, his brothers, sister Joan and Aunt Fiona find the man who murdered Deirdre and exact a superior revenge.

A Superior Revenge

Book 6

Haven ISBN:  9781611700756

A series of tragedies throws Christian Gallagher into a depression so severe only Samia Siva can pull him out of it. The spoiled, globe-trotting ball-of-fire does so by returning to Orlando with a photo of Terrence Nguyen, a twenty-one year-old Asian man who looks so much like Christian he could be his son. Samia drags her troubled friend to Atlanta where Terrence works as a counselor at Haven House, a center for homeless youth. The brave, generous, silly and impulsive pair stay just long enough to determine if the young man is actually a Gallagher, and to affect the lives of the shelter’s residents and staff in ways both heroic and fatal. Christian and Samia spend six days shaking up Haven House and everyone associated with it, and in so doing challenge their ideas of rescue, family, justice and peace.


Book 7

Montverde ISBN:  9781611700817

Three weeks after Christian Gallagher begins teaching the rich brats at Montverde College, Hurricane Harriett descends on Central Florida, trapping his English class in the hallway of their building overnight. Linden and Aki are also trapped, in dog crates after a hillbilly family from whom they stole Knucklehead, an abused pitbull, hold them hostage at Superior Mutts during the storm. Christian spends the night entertaining his students with adventures that include a Superior Bodies haunted house that goes terribly wrong, the revenge the staff takes on a trio of high school gay bashers, and their teacher’s first and only adult movie appearance. Christian’s stories inspire his formerly bratty students to follow him back to the club in their BMWs and Peugeots to rescue the hostages, Knucklehead and the rest of the hillbillies’ dogs.


Book 8

Coven ISBN:  9781611700916

Christian Gallagher and his English lit students would be the coolest eleven people at Montverde College even if they hadn’t rescued a dozen fighting dogs and turned their rehab into a reality show. The unusual and unusually loyal group spends the fall semester in the school’s amphitheater reading “The Odyssey,” “One Hundred Years of Solitude” and “Ethan Frome” and ignoring everyone else on the campus and planet. Everything changes in the spring when one of the students goes missing and is later discovered dead. The rest of the class is under suspicion of having killed their classmate, alone or as a Coven, leaving Christian, Linden and the Montverde Chief of Police to discover the murderer.

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Chris Murphy is heavily involved with the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida.
with Persephone
Chris Murphy,
pictured with Persephone,
lives in Orlando Florida.

Visit Chris on Facebook: www.facebook.com/christopher.veganmurphy

Chris Murphy - Press Photo


Interview in the Windy City Times:

Gay writer Chris Murphy fuses family and fiction

by Alex Lubischer

In the newly released second edition of his fictional family memoir, A Sea of White Impatiens, writer Chris Murphy chronicles the dysfunctional Gallagher clan's bizarrely comic lives.  The Orlando, Fla.-based novelist recently took time off from an animal rights picketing of a puppy store to discuss his unique authorial exploits.

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With Choo-Choo
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With Chip
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On the morning of March 3rd Chris picked up Thumper who is under one year and cute as can be. The previous owner broke Thumper's leg in three places (“he fell!”) and then abandoned him at a vet in Kissimmee. Unfortunately Thumper's leg couldn’t be saved and was amputated a week later.

Chris wanted to keep Thumper but he already has a bunch at his house so he found a home for him with his friend Jimmy.

Update: Jimmy, his wife and two daughters are thrilled with their lovable little dog and are calling him Cocoa!


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