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Wake Them Up

They'll Listen To You!

Psychoeducation Strategies
for Chemical Dependency Counselors

by Chris Packham, CADCII, CCS, CADDTP, RAS
with Mary Crocker Cook, D.Min, LMFT, LAADC, CADCII

When Chris Packham entered the substance abuse treatment field five years ago, he was given a handout and told to “do group.” This meant delivering psychoeducation classes to early recovering addicts. Chris had received no training, nor was he prepared to direct a class.

Fortunately, Chris was a martial arts instructor so he was comfortable in a teaching role. He recognized that his fellow students were really struggling so he approached his former instructor, Mary Crocker Cook, and suggested that they create a psychoeducation training guide for substance abuse counselors.

This workbook is the result of that collaboration. It is designed to create a sense of competence for new and experienced substance abuse counselors. It provides information about approaches to facilitation, addressing difficult client behaviors in group, cognitive challenges in early recovery, and is filled with group exercises that the new counselor can adopt immediately.


Wake Them Up, They'll Listen To You

100 pages, 8.5" x 11"
ISBN: 978-1-61170-171-5

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A Portion of the Foreword...

... Debbie closed the Karate school, as well as hired a lawyer. He got me into a drug program called RCP (Recovery Correctional Program) and 4 years probation. God was on my side that day. After 6 months in jail I was released and have made every attempt to stay clean; I never relapsed. I knew life was still moving forward, I just had to jump back on the conveyor belt call life. The Karate school was closed; my son, Andrew, did not want to talk to me. As a matter a fact, Andrew went to live with his Mom in Yuba City, California. It was very hard to face all the problems that I had caused while under the influence of meth. My moods were up and down; I felt happy one day and the next day I was feel very depressed. I could not sleep, had headaches, felt like I was always in a fog, and my anxiety was another story. For the next 8 months, I had these moments where I felt worthless.

With the help of my wife, I started to feel good about myself; she would always say positive affirmations about our family to build my self-esteem. Self -esteem is described as the Value or the level of self-worth that one associates with him/herself. My attitude, behavior, emotions and physical appearance all changed from working on myself and staying absent from all mind-altering substances. I don’t know what I would have done if Debbie had left me.

Today I see life’s problems differently and am very thankful to God and Debbie for helping me through all of this. Support was a big factor in my recovery; without support I would surely have failed. The support of therapists, counselors, family, friends, peers and the fellowship can all be important factors in the recovery process. The most significant factor for an individual in the recovery process is a desire and a willingness to change. Ultimately, I went back to school at San Jose City College and completed the Alcohol and Drugs Study Program that Mary Crocker Cook developed in 1990.

Eight years forward, yes, that means I have been clean and sober for 8 years now, I currently work at New Life Recovery Center as IOP Program Supervisor and certified as (CADC II, CADDTP, RAS, NS, CA CCS). In addition, I work out every day and teach kickboxing/MMA on the side for extra money. Life is great, and I want to be able to help my fellow upcoming substance abuse counselors in the field. This book should be able to guide you and help you discover your true potential. “To furnish the means of acquiring knowledge is...the greatest benefit that can be conferred upon mankind.” (John Quincy Adams) With that said, let’s get started.—Chris Packham

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Chris Packham


Chris Packham, CADCII, CCS, CADDTP, RAS is a certified alcohol and drug counselor in San Jose, California. He is currently the IOP Supervisor for New Life Recovery Center, and is an American Kenpo Karate Associates 5th degree Blackbelt and MMA Instructor, as well as an ex- Pro Kick-boxer.

If you would like private counseling/ training for any alcohol and/or drug reated issues please feel free to contact him at dcpackhams@comcast.net.

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