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A Better Way
Reading, Righting, Rethinking
American Education

by Richard Pope

Enjoy a book for teachers and parents that embraces and enhances mindfulness

Teachers will acquire tools to discover if students truly understood a lesson, if a major unit of study achieved its goals, and, if a classroom system causes more pain than joy, how to analyze it and improve it.

Parents will discover that the same tools teachers can employ to improve their classrooms, will work beautifully in their homes. These tools for awareness and improvement weave around the true story of two non-reading third graders and their teacher’s efforts to help them grow into successful readers.

268 pages, 6" x 9"
ISBN: 978-1-61170-111-1

Published by: Robertson Publishing (RP)

A Better Way - Reading, Righting, Rethinking American Education

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Richard Pope

Richard Pope taught elementary school in San Jose, California for thirty-five years: seventeen years teaching fourth- and fifth-graders, and eighteen years teaching first-, second-, and third-graders.

Richard lives in San Carlos, California.

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