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My Family

A Portrait in Letters

By Susan M. Raycraft

Like the ray of sun her name projects, SuRay’s memoir engages and inspires. 

In her book SuRay shares 19 letters that she received while hitchhiking through Europe, exactly as they were written between June and September 1966. The letters from home chronicle daily life that reflects the steady course her parents set for their family from the time of their courtship. 50 years later, SuRay reflects upon the letters’ impact on her then and now, exploring their meaning in a timeless tale of love, loss and healing.

Readers will encounter their own family dynamics as they travel with SuRay from the personal to the planetary.


126 pages, 6" x 9"
ISBN: 978-1-61170-260-6

Published by Robertson Publishing

Book printed in the USA and the UK.

My Family. A Portrait in Letters

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Table of Contents


Anchored to Home

Roots and Wings

A Tribe of Nine

Mom’s in Charge

Family Life, Shattered


Neat Guys and a Swedish Girl

Flit and Flourish

Rick Rack and Pea Soup

Dreams and Drama

Your Children are Your Jewels

Homecoming, Loss and Legacy

Together Again

Personal and Planetary 

Photos throughout the book.

Susan Raycraft (SuRay)

Susan Raycraft, locally known as SuRay, is a writer, author, and adventurer, as well as an advocate for social and global justice. She was shaped by her early years in a large and loving Catholic family, a theme this book explores. She co-created Vinegar Weed Press in 2011 to publish poetry and her play about Belva Lockwood, who was the first woman to run for U.S. President (in 1884 and 1888).

SuRay and her husband Larry have lived 40 years on 40 acres in California’s San Antonio Valley, about which she co-authored a book. They share space with a dog named Boo and Mooch the cat. She cares for her rural community in her role as organizer, activist, and occasional preacher at historic St. Luke’s Church Episcopal, which stands sentinel to the valley. She keeps chickens, gardens, and shares Mother Nature’s gifts, including her famous lavender lemonade.

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