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When the Enemy is You

by Robert M. Davis

By appearance alone, you would think twenty-three year old Mitch Baker has it all — smart, good looking, witty, athletic — but you too would be deceived. Mitch is that volatile workmate, risk-taking friend, class-disturbing clown, irresponsible son, and major screw up. He is driven to erratic behavior by a life-altering disorder, yet the root of Mitch’s troubles could cost his life.

How do you defeat the enemy when the enemy is you?


Cover designed and illustrated by Bob Archibald

234 pages, 6" x 9"
ISBN: 978-1-61170-240-8

When the Enemy is You
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5 starsA hopeful and informative novel ~ Martha C. Scala
Loved this quick read for a realistic portrayal of the price paid for self-defeating behavior if it goes unchecked. Davis' narrative, peppered with clever writing, humor and numerous believable characters, makes a strong case for piercing through denial or others' misperceptions, identifying the disorder that can be quite an enemy, and getting help. This is a book I would recommend to anyone who is a lot like Mitch Baker. Those who love or work with someone who behaves and gets into trouble like Mitch will identify with his parents' frustration and find out what a bit of compassion can do. Many teachable moments in this informative novel.

5 starsRead the new novel ~ Barbara Gerdau Drotar
"When the Enemy is You", to coin a phrase, kept me turning the pages. This story stirs up empathy, courage, frustration, confusion and love...oh yes, enduring love even in the worst of times. This novel is a must-read for parents, siblings, friends and co-workers, infusing the reader with the reality that nobody is a carbon copy of anyone. The love story, weaved throughout, kept me wondering why anyone would enter and stay in a relationship filled with huge complexities and challenges. Hope through grit, endurance, faith and oh yes, if I haven't mentioned it yet...LOVE wins.. Do yourself a favor and read author Robert M. Davis's newest novel. It's wonderful.

From When the Enemy is You ~ Copyright Material ~

Wen the Enemy is You: page 1 When the Enemy is You: page 2

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by Robert M. Davis

(Loosely based on a true story)

The recipe for murder becomes more palatable when seasoned with just cause.

A thriller that balances the conflict of
good versus evil,
right versus wrong,
and sanity versus madness
on a fine grey line.


Morgan Proffitt’s cardiologist gives him life’s two-minute warning. The diagnosis prompts an unusual reaction from the highly-principled Proffitt.

In the hours he has left, Proffitt is dead set on killing the despicable person responsible for his daughter’s death. Is it worth an eternity of damnation? Hell yes. Proffitt’s motivation isn’t fueled by revenge. He can’t bring his daughter back. But he can save other sons and daughters from a similar fate.

Cover designed and illustrated by Bob Archibald

212 pages, 6" x 9"
ISBN: 978-1-61170-135-7

The Ticker

“Love. Fear. Hate. Forgiveness. The Ticker has it all.
A great read from start to finish.”
—Jana McBurney-Lin, author of

My Half of the Sky and Blossoms and Bayonets
“A great read. The Ticker dared me to put it down. I couldn’t”
—Frank Baldwin, author of

Balling the Jack and Jake and Mimi
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Robert M. Davis


Robert Davis graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in recreation . His career as Belmont's Recreation Superintendent somehow evolved into becoming president of an advertising agency. He served for three years as treasurer of the California Writer’s Club (Peninsula Branch) and Jack London Writer’s Conference.

Robert has authored three novels, Bum!, The Ticker, and Will to Kill. He lives in Belmont, California with his wife.

Contact Robert at bobco@att.net

Ticker Cookies
Bob just stopped by with some Ticker Cookies...what a great idea!

5 starsBravo to the author of The Ticker! ~ Dr. Pat Cuendet
This book is riveting from cover to cover! The story is unique and masterfully told. I predict that this new author will soon become as well known as Grisham and Patterson. The characters are rich and complex and the plot is well crafted. A superb effort! I am looking forward to Mr. Davis's next book. Bravo!

5 starsThe Ticker is a real page turner ~ Scott Taylor
The Ticker was very entertaining, as well as, an easy and fun read.....can't wait for the next book by Robert M. Davis

5 starsCreative Thinking~ loyce "Media Maven"
Creative writing is simply a matter of creative thinking and Robert Davis has this down to a science in THE TICKER. Enjoy this book! Reviewed and read by Jack Smallwood

5 starsGreat Read!~ Steve
Wonderful cover. Wonderful story. If you are looking for a 24hr thrill ride packed into 203 pages The Ticker is it! Superb character development. So much so you are left wondering what happened to Mary. Great read.

5 starsFantastic!~ Mazzmom
Love this book!! Couldn't put it down but didn't want it to end!! Thrilling, exciting and exhilarating. Definitely a MUST read. I read a lot but this is by far the best book I have ever read.

5 starsCouldn't put it down! ~ Gail Tesi
A wonderful book filled with the elements of family love, revenge and being true to yourself. A book for those who believe in justice. His characters were alive to me so much that I cared about their past, present and their futures!

5 starsGreat story ~ Scott Benner
Great story, as hard as I tried I could not put it down until I turned the last page. Why can't I find another book by him?

5 starsFlight ~ Barbara G. Drotar
Wow, never thought I would emotionally enter the world, mind, decisions, and outcome of the central character of the novel, "The Ticker". Mo is a guy we can all relate to, given the same set of circumstances he is struggling with. The story is jam-pack filled with moral and psychological twists and turns. The flight was terrific, and I encourage serious readers to treat themselves to such a fascinating story.

5 starsNovel plot line...~ RNinME
I love a good thriller -- one that keeps you turning the pages. Not your average mystery plot line. I'm looking forward to more from this author.

5 starsA great read! ~ JD
I'm not an avid reader. If I can't get through the first chapter - that's it for the book. Not only did I get through the first chapter of The Ticker, but I couldn't put it down! The tension just kept going. Oh my gosh, what's going to happen next! A very easy read. I highly recommend The Ticker - I don't think you will be disappointed.

5 starsThe Ticker ~ Allison
I am a big reader and this has been one of the best books I have ever read. Once you start reading it, you will not be able to put it down. You constantly are wanting to know and wondering what is going to happen next. There is so much to each and every character that you find yourself rooting for them, finding people in your life that you think are like them or even parts of yourself you may find identifying with certain characters in the book. This book is so nicely written and it is a great thriller that will keep you on your toes as you turn every page. This will be a book that I am going to re- read again and again that will be kept for great leisure reading. I highly recommend it!

5 starsEasy, fast, thrilling read ~ Kristal Miles
While reading this book I often found myself having a hard time putting it down. I kept wanting to read more to find out what would happen next. Would Morgan live long enough to fulfill his mission? And how would he carry it out? This is a thrilling read and Davis' diction is superb. As an educator I find this a prime example for students on excellent word choice, use of adjectives and creative writing.

5 starsUnable to put this book down ~ Nancy Archibald
The Ticker is a book that I was unable to put down. The conflict between right and wrong, black and white continued throughout the whole book. Loved the characters, loved the story line, loved the cover! A must read.

5 starsA Thriller ~ Jana McBurney-Lin
This was a fast-paced story about a dad who is given the green light to seek revenge on his daughter's killer. I felt the father's anger, his sorrow, his inner struggle with doing something as heinous as the killer had done. A gripping story.

Shirley G. : This is an entertaining and believable story. The characters are realistically and skillfully drawn. The are very credible. The plot is well constructed with many twists and turns, making the book impossible to put down. The action moves quickly with many surprises along the way. The author poses some interesting moral questions. This is done subtly, giving the reader something to ponder and decide for him or herself. In my opinion, this is the mark of a good writer. This is a very good book that I thoroughly enjoyed. Well written, fast moving, a great plot, and a very surprising ending. I look forward to more books from this fine author.

Exciting, thrilling read! The suspense was killing me, so I read into the wee hours two nights in a row until I got my answer! Did not disappoint!

The ticker is one of the best books I've read. It had my attention from beginning to end. I can't wait to read another book from this author.

Valerie: "WOW! What a great read. Once I started, I didn't want to put The Ticker down. You had me surprised and wrong guessing more than a few times."

Lisa: "I have to tell you I very much enjoyed The Ticker, and we will be happy to post it in our Pets In Need lobby, upcoming newsletter and Facebook page as a portion of royalties will be donated to help the homeless and discarded dogs and cats. Thank you again for thinking of animals. I hope your book is a great success...because it is good!"

Serena: "I truly enjoyed reading The Ticker and I will recommend it to everyone. You are a talented and gifted writer."

Sharyl: "Great book! I really enjoyed the suspense. It would make for a great movie."

Anne: "I very much enjoyed reading The Ticker. I'm waiting for your next one. Hard to put down when you start reading."

Clair (92 years young): "To say I enjoyed your book is not enough - I jumped in and had a great time. You have certainly developed a wonderful way with words. You entice the reader on and on - we'd follow you anywhere."

From The Ticker  ~ Copyright Material ~

The hair on my arms stood at attention. I didn’t need to be a heart surgeon to understand why he was avoiding giving me his medical conclusion.

“How long do I have, Louis?”

“I don’t know for sure.” Louis affixed the glasses back onto his nose. “But another operation is out of the question. Even if your condition was operable . . .”

The stool that had seemed attached to Louis’ ass slid away when he stood. His eyebrows stitched together. The lower portion of his face quivered.

“Heart failure could happen anytime, Mo,” Louis said, “with or without warning. An hour. A few days. If you drift with the current, meaning lie in bed, you could possibly survive a week or two. In other words, the more you exert yourself, the less time you’ll have.” Louis took a squeaky breath. “You may encounter dizziness that could bring on fainting, nausea, shortness of breath, fatigue, and pain in your chest and arms. Or your heart will just stop. Use the nitroglycerin tablets you always carry with you, but keep in mind that overdosing on nitro in a twenty-four-hour period could be counterproductive due to your blood pressure and current medications.”

A sense of relief freed years of amassed burden, opening the floodgates to my adrenaline. How ironic. Louis’ diagnosis has given me newfound strength and a temporary lease on life. Ever since Katie was killed – goddamn it, murdered – I’d been an emotional cripple. God knows I’m not a religious man, but deep down I believed there was a Supreme CEO up there. I had often wondered why He hadn’t taken me sooner, rather than making me endure such a senseless existence. Now I was getting the sign I’d been waiting for.

I hugged Louis like he was my brother and affectionately patted his shoulders. His body shook with emotion. Wish I could do or say something that would make him feel better.

“You’ve lived well, Mo,” he whispered, “at least before tragedy and disease corrupted your heart. You’re a wealthy man. Is there anything you’ve regretted not doing in your life? If so, in the time you have left, please let me help you make it happen.”

Time, once a commodity of little value, was now precious and limited. Louis’ diagnosis and offer of help inspired something lying dormant inside me ever since Katie’s death. Before I could take on a final endeavor, however, I would need assistance to compensate a select few for their bestowed loving-kindness.

I released Louis and reached into my suit jacket pocket lying at the foot of the examination table. A clipping from this morning’s San Francisco Chronicle came out with my folded silk tie. A grainy black and white photo of Oliver Kane attached to the article stared back at me. An article about a miscreant driver set free to maim and kill again because of Kane’s proficiency in court. God willing, I was going to kill the bastard responsible for the death of my daughter.

Was I out of my mind? Morgan Proffitt, a revenge-crazed vigilante? Revenge, however, wasn’t my motivation. Taking another person’s life was against every fiber of my moral code. And it wouldn’t bring Katie back. But if I eliminated Oliver Kane, other sons and daughters would be saved. Was it worth an eternity of burning in hell? Hell yes.

“I don’t have any regrets, Louis,” I said, with a counterfeit smile.

I just lied to my cardiologist and the best friend a man could ever have. Yet deceit was necessary. If I revealed my scheme to Louis, he could be implicated. Or he’d try to stop me.

I replaced the Chronicle article in my jacket pocket and knotted my tie with vigor. Now I understood why I’d been forced to hang around this long. I was back in the game, even though I’d just been given life’s two-minute warning. My heart pulsed stronger than it had in years. Were there enough ticks left to carry out my mission?


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Will to Kill

by Robert M. Davis

A cozy mystery thriller!

A homicidal maniac is on the loose eliminating elders,
and no one knows this phantom-of-evil exits.

An early morning knock on a motel door is often a harbinger of bad news. After nine futile years of playing professional baseball, Dean the Dream Mason learns his career has come to an end. Worse yet, Dean’s only living relative was found dead in a nursing home, and the inheritance he is due, which is seven times greater than current President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s annual salary, is no longer his.

But Dean’s troubles only worsen. If he can’t track down the person who murdered his aunt, he will lose his last remaining asset: his life.

Fast paced and engaging, Will to Kill kept me reading and turning pages until way after midnight. I just had to find out how the heck the heroes would prevail. —Laurel Anne Hill, Award-winning author of Heroes Arise and over 25 published short stories

Will to Kill is a page-turner cozy mystery crafted with humorous word play and cliff hanger chapter endings. —Elizabeth Tuck, Editor

Cover designed and illustrated by Bob Archibald

266 pages, 6" x 9"
ISBN: 978-1-61170-181-4

Will to Kill


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From Will to Kill  ~ Copyright Material ~

... He jimmied a switchblade knife into the latch until the doors opened out onto a terrace scattered with leaves. The chill encompassing Twin Rose Nursing Home felt good against his layer of sweat. Why do they keep these places so damn hot? He sucked in mouthfuls of crisp air then spread several towels from the bathroom on the balcony floorboards near the railing.

Dawn was overtaking night, but the outside floodlights still beamed. Overcast filled the San Francisco sky. Bending at the waist, he leaned over the wooden railing to peer three floors down. Rosebushes covered the grounds close to the building. A little further away, a cement walkway encircled the roses. Beyond that, a stone statue of a robed religious man, centered in a water fountain, provided tranquil sound. For some patients, Twin Rose was a place to recover. For others, their last stop at living.

He returned to the room leaving the doors open. An old woman stirred in bed, moaning in her sleep. He lifted a thickly cushioned easy chair from in front of the doors. His wiry build belied unnatural strength. The piece of furniture probably weighed more than the decrepit bag of bones lying in bed. He carried the chair to the balcony railing, setting the stubby legs down onto the towels so it would seem as if the chair had been dragged on the towels from inside the room.

When he returned to the room, the old woman was sitting up in her bed, stringy grey hair matted to her skull. One side of her face sagged, distorted from a disabling stroke. She stared in confusion then pointed a crooked finger at him and screeched like a frightened cat...


5 starsI have read three of Roberts Novel and enjoyed them all. ~ Dennis C.
I travel a lot and reading his novels makes the long trips seem shorter. On one flight I did not finish the novel on the flight thanks to a talkative neighbor. So when I arrived at the hotel I completed the novel in the lobby. I did not want the phone or T.V. in my room to disrupt me. I so wanted to know how the story ended.

5 stars~ Barbara Gerdau Drotar
Literally speaking, "Will to Kill" takes the cake. Each page embodies trauma, drama, romance, and a foreshadowing of dread. I'll put it this way: Robert Davis succeeded in tweaking my imagination on each page; not wanting the book to end, and at the same time, I just had to find out the who-done-its throughout. This novel is like a movie, but unlike other great cliff-hangers, this one doesn't need special effects. The writing was all that was needed to keep me on the edge of my seat. It's a great read and an awesome ride. Buy it, and put on a pot of hot coffee, 'cause you won't want to stop reading until the last page.

4 starsA Great Read ~ Jana McBurney-Lin
This is the second book I've read by Davis. This one takes place in the 50s, and involves a scheme to take away money from the elderly. When the injured-baseball-star Dean the Dream's aunt mysteriously dies, he decides to investigate. I was transported back to the day of Hawaii Five-O and other cop shoes. A fun--and quick-- read.

5 starsAn adventure with Dean the Dream and a Sandra Dee look-alike!~ Martha Clark Scala
Robert M. Davis' page-turner, Will to Kill is a thrill. In this compact 256-page novel, I got to time-travel back to the 1950's, live inside an Alfred Hitchcock-like movie, and be mightily frightened by a scary homicidal maniac. Davis had me rooting for the good guys, mourning the innocent victims of his believable killer, and even understanding what motivated the murderer to do what he did. This is an author whose characters are well-drawn, even in their cliche'd old-fashioned behavior, at times! Full of surprises, a nice dose of wry humor, and a type of suspense that makes this reader glad that Will to Kill is fiction! Pick up this book and good luck putting it down.

5 starsAnother winner! ~ JGK
I was looking forward to another book by this author because I couldn't put down his first book "The Ticker". I wasn't disappointed. The "Will To Kill" is a real page turner. Cliff hanging chapters, suspenseful, great characters.

5 stars Great book, great author ~ Alicia
I love this author and I love this book! This book was as entertaining and enjoyable as his first book The Ticker. Thrilling, engaging and very entertaining it's a must read!!!

A fabulous follow up effort by the author. I thoroughly enjoyed The Ticker and was equally enthralled with Will To Kill. A thrill ride set in the late 50's with brilliant character development and interplay. The story moves along in short hard hitting chapters. Hard to put down, but easy to pick up. A dynamite read.

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