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Josephine Ann Teresi

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Nature's Inspiration
Words & Images to Love By

by: Josephine Ann Teresi

photos by: Liz Barton-de Paul

Nature, in its grace and glory
has the capacity to inspire us all to walk closer with God

Inspired by beauty, trust and friendship, Nature’s Inspiration ~ Words & Images to Love By was born.

When Josephine first had the honor of viewing Liz Barton-de Paul’s beautiful images she knew the inspirational words that lived in her had found a “home”. Liz does something with light that is divinely guided.

Josephine had a deep feeling that it was more than a coincidence that they became neighbors and friends just when she had started thinking about putting this book together.   Their collaborative alliance was created by their deep desire to help others ‘see the light of God’ that they have seen and are so grateful for.

They discovered through their own process, that when you meld together stunning images from nature’s pallet, scripture, and inspirational words, empowering, deep feelings can be developed and nurtured.  God shows us every day through the beauty and resilience of nature just how much we are loved and spiritually guided.

It is their deep and abiding desire that the words, images, and scriptures in this book will inspire you to live the life God intended for you, thereby helping others that cross your life path.

Nature's Inspiration

108 pages, with 52 photos, 5.5" x 8.5"
ISBN: 978-1-935125-87-7

Published by: Robertson Publishing (RP)

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$15.95 plus s&h

Review by Jacquelyn Gallo
"This wonderful book gives the reader a sense of peace and healing through both its beautiful photos and the inspiring words of each reading. We are lucky that these women have chosen to share their God-given talents with us. Thank you, Josephine and Liz."

Some pages from the Nature's Inspiration  ~ Copyright Material ~
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Second Sight
A Love Story

by: Josephine Ann Teresi

Second Sight is sown with family connectedness that enchants, surprises, and takes the reader on a journey—from 1930’s Europe, to the avenues of Manhattan, the country roads of The Hamptons, over the Brooklyn Bridge to Grace’s stoop on Newbury Street; where David felt more at home than anywhere else in his opulent world—a world he would give up for one last kiss from his love.

This is a classic love story about two wide-eyed lovers caught in the throws of an attraction so powerful and moving, it defies every obstacle. This is a tale filled with romance, adventure, passion, heartache, cruelty, bravery, and a innate human strength and courage.

The story is spoken from the voice of Faye, David’s older sister who passed from this earth as a young girl. She never “knew” her brother, but she diligently watched over him after her untimely, insidious death. David sensed her “other-world” energy at crucial moments when he needed support and protection the most.

Torn apart by an insanely possessive mother, who mistook her compulsive, desperate ownership of her son for motherly love, David and Grace face challenges and calamities that alter their lives forever.


Second Sight ~ A Love Story

432 pages, 6" x 9"
ISBN: 978-1-935125-63-1

Published by: Robertson Publishing (RP)

Purchase your copy of "Second Sight" from Ingram Books, your favorite internet store, or any of the following:
Robertson PublishingRobertson Publishing
$18.50 plus s&h

Review by Sharon Carlson ~ Los Gatos, CA:
"I found the story engaging and was impressed with the way Ms. Teresi wove the thoughts of David’s deceased little sister into the plot at just the right moments.    Josephine’s depiction of the characters in Grace’s family seemed very realistic to me as well as the description of her life with her husband, Robert.  I could easily identify with Grace as a dutiful wife and mother.  I enjoyed the pictures Josephine painted of New York and Italy.  Her affection for those places was evident.  Second Sight - A Love Story  is a tender and charming tale of love lost then ultimately regained.  I’ll be waiting for her next book.”

Review by Dorothy May Dee ~ Los Gatos, CA:
“I am a reader.  When I say I’m a reader it means five to six books per week.  I read every type; romance, mystery, horror; you name it, I read it.  I was pleasantly surprised when I read 'Second Sight - A Love Story'  by Josephine Ann Teresi.  It was much more than a love story.  There was love, hate, kindness, compassion mixed in.  The reader has an insight into the privileged upper class and the lower middle class.  I enjoyed seeing Europe through the writer’s eyes.  There is another element of something not normal.  A belief that friends and family long gone can still be with us.  I know we carry them in our minds and hearts.  I hope I will have the opportunity to read more books by Josephine Ann Teresi”

Review by Cindy Bonhag ~ Los Gatos, CA:
“Second Sight - A Love Story”  left me with what’s next?  This writer is incredible.  She takes you through a life time of learning and adjusting.  The insight of this writer has a lesson for all.  It is so real it reads like a true story.  The description she uses for the places she takes you in this story leaves you with a feeling that you have been there.  I loved every minute of this story - its the best I’ve ever read.

Review by Muriel Scott ~ Los Gatos, CA: 
"Second Sight"
is an exciting story with views of life in Rome and Siena Italy, New York and other environs.  The characters are admirable and courageous.  Whether they belong to aristocracy or to ordinary souls who do much to better the world around them.  There is also a person who causes much pain and suffering to everyone.

There are many twists and turns to this tale.  There is no time to be bored.  The final chapters are such a surprise.  No one could have guessed the outcome.  You really must read "Second Sight", it is a delight!

Review by Jean Sanchez ~ San Jose, CA:
I have just read this novel (Second Sight) and would like to comment favorably. I was intrigued by the story being told by a character who was no longer alive and as I began to get to know this character, I found that I couldn't put the book away.

The story kept me completely interested in what would happen next and I found myself not wanting to get to the finish. The author does an excellent job of characterization and I felt that I knew each of these people personally. I could relate to each persona and actually took sides with the victims and jeered the villian. The description of the times in terms of landscape and historical references were spot on and I could visualize each scene as if I were there. I will read this again and continue to buy it to give as gifts. I will look forward to the next novel from Josephine Teresi.

Some pages from the book  ~ Copyright Material ~
pg 169
page 170

The Author:
Josphine Ann Teresi

Josephine Ann Teresi has been an Inspirational Writer and Minister for the past twenty years.

Her first and second novels, “Curse Among the Palms” and “Second Sight~ A Love Story” were published in January of 2007, and December of 2009, respectively.

Josephine lives in Santa Cruz, California, near her children and grandchildren.

To contact her drop an email to jat.writes @yahoo.com

The Photographer for Nature's Inspiration:
Liz Barton-de Paul

Liz Barton-de Paul is a native of Santa Cruz, California. Her inter­­est in photography began as a young girl, when she purchased her first camera; a Brownie, with coupons found on the back of a chocolate milk drink container.

Liz has three wonderful children and six beautiful grandchildren. As expected, many hundreds of photographs have been taken of her family.

To contact her drop an email to ldep3@yahoo.com


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