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Short Shorts

Short stories and poems to lift your mood in a mini-minute.

Written by Ray Toney

A lot of laughs, a few tears,
but always entertaining.
Once you start reading, it’s hard to put it down.

For centuries folks have gathered around the campfires and told stories of their experiences. Some tales were true and others were made up on the spot to entertain their rapt listeners.

In Short Shorts 'n' Stanzas, are examples of both the real and the imaginative, each told in just a few pages but each with a hook that will make you want to read more.

Some stories will bring a chuckle but some will evoke a little ‘choked up’ feeling from the human side of life.

Other tales will tell of the author’s mystical side and his experiences with ESP, which saved his life or guided him on his lifelong path.

140 pages, 5" x 8"
ISBN: 978-1-61170-132-6

Published by: Robertson Publishing (RP)

Short Shorts 'n' Stanzas

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Ray Toney
Ray Toney
Ray has been a newspaper man, an award-winning actor, a stand-up comic, and a stage director.
His writing reflects his years working in the lively arts and makes for lively reading.

Raymond M. (RAY) Toney began his writing career as a reporter on the staff of the U.S. army publication,“Your Mouthpiece”. After leaving the U.S. Army, he was employed by the San Francisco Examiner, “The Monarch of the Dailies”.

His theatrical career spans several decades as an actor, singer, dancer, choreographer and stage director. Together with actress/lyricist, Marge Hand, Toney wrote the musical stage comedy “Delta Centauri” which was produced by CAST productions.

He has received recognition as the Producer of the Designing Woman television show, starring Beverly Rafaty. He was the recipient of three Inner City Circle Awards for Outstanding Achievement in a Musical, Most Promising Actor of the Year and for Outstanding Achievement In Dance.

Toney has served on the Advisory Board of The Louis B. Mayer Theater at the University of Santa Clara. He choreographed the West Coast Premier of the musical, “Stepping Out”, as well as directing productions of “Finian’s Rainbow”, “Plain and Fancy””The Seven Year Itch” and many others. In this book, Ray Toney has compiled short stories, essays, and poems from a vast catalogue of his work over many years of writing. Some of the pieces are auto biographical in nature. Others were written from observations of life as it has flowed onward.

We hope you will find something in here that will strike a familiar chord as you journey, with the author, through the pre WWII years, Pearl Harbor and the Korean “conflict”. Some who read the manuscript, prior to publication, noted how the times of their lives were somehow echoed in the lines of this manuscript.

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